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Mount Holly Springs

Welcome to Mount Holly Springs sign south of town in the Holly Gap.

The Mount Holly Springs Borough Council Monday hired a Harrisburg civil engineering firm to help update the 41-year-old subdivision and land development ordinance.

Council agreed to hire Herbert, Rowland & Grubic Inc. without a complete estimate on projected costs, but with reassurances from Pam Still that the planning commission would be careful.

“We are going to be very deliberate with what we ask of HRG,” said Still, a borough councilwoman and liaison to the planning commission and zoning hearing board. “I guarantee we will be very deliberate.”

To keep costs down, the borough planning commission will be working closely with the Cumberland County planning commission which has a template or model ordinance from which to draw language that pertains to Mount Holly’s needs and conditions.

Borough commission members have already gone through all the ordinance books looking for regulations that reference the current ordinance, which dates from 1976.

“Most of the work they [HRG] will be doing for us will be at the project professional rate of $150 an hour,” Still said. “For a limited time they will be at the senior professional rate of $170 [an hour].

“The engineers do not kick in until we get to Article 5,” she said. That part of the ordinance pertains to design requirements for such public improvements as roads, sidewalks, storm water drainage and water and sanitary sewer lines.

The borough would also need input from HRG to update Article 6 on improvement and maintenance guarantees and Article 7 on engineering requirements for mobile home parks. Still had no estimate on the total number of hours that work would require.

“One good thing is the planning budget is somewhat in line,” Still said. She said there will be savings because the borough has been without a planning officer for months and the start of the land development ordinance review has been delayed.