Residents of Dickinson Township are being asked to share their thoughts and comments as supervisors consider updates to their Vision and Mission Statements and Operating Principles.

“The supervisors just feel it’s time to update,” said township manager Larry Barrick. “It’s been 10 years (since there have been any updates), and they felt it would be important to get some thoughts from our residents to see what their vision is for the township.”

Barrick said supervisors will review residents’ comments and decide whether updates or tweaks are necessary.

According to the Vision and Mission Statement, listed on the “general information” page of the township’s website, “Dickinson Township will be a safe, attractive and healthy community in which to live, work and play. The township will preserve and protect its rural character, unique heritage and pristine environment through responsible growth.”

The website states that the township’s mission is, “To join with our residents to enable Dickinson Township to be a community of the highest quality by providing responsive, cost effective, and innovative local government services. In the next 2-4 years Dickinson Township will develop sound planning to provide for managed growth to achieve our vision for the community.”

The Operating Principles, also listed on the general information page, lists seven values that define the township — stewardship, integrity, respect, responsibility, cooperation, leadership and reputation. It states, in part, “In every way, our business is the center of people’s lives. Our work includes the roads people drive on, the buildings they live and work in, the parks they play in and the water they drink. No person in the Township of Dickinson, whether a resident, a business, a tourist, or a shopper, is untouched by our work. We are in the business of creating and protecting community. Few businesses are involved in work so closely tied to life and living. We are proud of what we do. We take it seriously.”

Barrick said he believes the township has made good progress toward achieving those goals.

“We updated our comprehensive plan in 2008, and now it’s on the agenda to update it again,” he said. “Comprehensive plans are meant to give a sense of direction to the township about land use … and how you want to see the township move — whether it’s to keep it rural or expand into commercial use. It’s a map for future planning.

“We’ve also updated our zoning ordinances, and several farms have been preserved.”

Barrick described the township as mostly rural. He said township residents expressed their desire to keep it that way when updates were last considered.

Residents may view the township’s complete Vision and Mission Statements and Operating Principles, and email suggestions, at the township’s website, They may also call the township office at 486-7424.

Deadline is June 5.