Construction could begin within two months on a nearly half-mile long walking trail planned for Butler Park in Mount Holly Springs.

The borough council in May awarded a contract to Schlusser’s Paving of Carlisle to put in 2,491 feet of trail mostly around the park perimeter, said Lois Stoner, a borough councilwoman and the chairperson of the parks and recreation committee.

Parts of the trail will access the borough parking lot and the park pavilion.

The Schlusser bid was submitted in the form of a price range between $13,000 and $15,000 to install a six-foot-wide trail of crushed stone in the park, located behind the municipal building and Mount Holly Springs Elementary School, Stoner said.

She said Pennsy Supply has offered to donate about $9,000 worth of stone and stone dust from its quarries in Mount Holly Springs and Newville. Schlusser submitted a price range because the fee to haul material from Newville has yet to be determined.

The cost of installation will be covered by a $15,000 grant from the Cumberland County planning department, Stoner said. Last year, the borough had work done to improve the storm water drainage along Chapel Avenue adjoining the park.

Borough officials have noticed employees from the nearby Ahlstrom Filtration and Vectron International plants tend to go out walking during their lunch period, Stoner said.

She said there are pedestrians in town, including senior citizens, who have to walk out in the streets because the sidewalk needs to be improved.

Older students at the school have written essays to lobby adults to install a walking trail in Butler Park as a way to enhance the health program, Stoner said. “We went to the school first. They were very positive about it.”

Future plans include the installation of park benches and exercise stations along the length of the Butler Park trail. There is also talk of extending the trail network to nearby Trine Park, Stoner said.

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