Gettysburg Pike development

A a 3,000 square foot bank, a two-story office building of 25,000 square feet, and a four-story, 87 room hotel are being proposed on a lot that houses an abandoned building in Upper Allen Township that used to be home to a furniture store and a Giant store location.

The Gettysburg Pike corridor that runs along Route 15 and just north of Market Street in Upper Allen Township stands to become much busier as three major development projects are in their planning stages along the route.

Developers for all three proposed projects are currently working on their required traffic studies, according to Upper Allen Township Community Development Director Jen Boyer. Those traffic studies must be submitted before the township commissioners issue final approval.

“As the reviews continue we’re certainly looking at that larger picture with large developments coming in at the same time, and how that can impact the intersection,” Boyer said.

The intersection of Market Street and the Gettysburg Pike is currently signalized but will potentially have to handle a lot more traffic once the three projects are completed.

One of the sites — a pair of lots listed as 147 and 151 Gettysburg Pike — were previously discussed as the site for a so-called “microhospital” before the deal fell through last year.

That space, which currently contains Maggie’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard stand and a private home, is proposed to be the site of a two-story, 25,000 square foot office building.

Similarly, the farm field located across the Gettysburg Pike from the ice cream stand is also slated for two new office buildings, one planned at 25,000 square feet and another at 10,000 square feet, according to plans filed with the township. That office park would route traffic onto Market Street just north of the Gettysburg Pike intersection.

The largest project of the three will take place further north east on the Gettysburg Pike, on the lot currently occupied by an abandoned building that had housed a furniture store and a Giant store. The dry cleaners’ formerly sited in front of the vacant building already relocated further down the road.

That lot is proposed to contain a 3,000 square foot bank, a two-story office building of 25,000 square feet, and a four-story, 87 room hotel. The complex is being dubbed Loudon Centre, and is a project of Towne Retail, a Hershey-based developer.

Loudon Centre has presented before the township commissioners but will need to come back before final approval, Boyer said. The other two office sites have not yet been presented before the board.

Additionally, the largest parcel along that stretch of Gettysburg Pike — 27.5 acres of farmland, which abuts the Market Street office building site to its north — is now owned by Mechanicsburg Area School District.

The district purchased the land last year, according to county tax records. The district has not yet approached the township with any plans for the site, Boyer said.

Mechancisburg School District’s business administrator Gregory Longwell said the district doesn’t have any immediate plans for the property.

“As you are probably aware, all of our elementary projects involve renovations to our existing buildings. The plan was to purchase the property to provide options for future planning,” Longwell said.

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