Roundabout intersection

This aerial image from Google Maps shows the intersection of North Hanover Street, East and West Penn streets and Fairground Avenue in Carlisle.

The fate of two properties involved in negotiations with Carlisle Borough over rights-of-way needed for the Carlisle Connectivity project should be decided within the next two months.

The borough is seeking portions of the properties at 320 N. Hanover St., which is the location of Cornerstone Credit Union, and 328-330 N. Hanover St., the location of a restaurant and gas station, for the rights of way.

Acting borough manager Susan Armstrong said the borough is "optimistic" it will be able to secure the needed rights-of-way within the next two months.

"We have reached an equitable settlement with the one property owner and we are currently working on the closing documents for that particular right-of-way," she said.

Hubert Gilroy, attorney for S Rana LLC, owner of the property at 328-330 N. Hanover St. confirmed earlier this week that a settlement with the borough had been reached.

The settlement comes after the borough filed declarations of taking for the properties earlier this spring. The declaration is the first step in the eminent domain process.

The declaration of taking for a portion of the S Rana LLC property, which contains a gas station and restaurant, was filed April 1. For this property, the borough is seeking a street right-of-way of 0.02 acres and a 0.1 acre access easement would be needed from a 1.01-acre property. A 0.03 acre slope easement would also be needed temporarily during the construction.

In a document filed May 8, Gilroy wrote that the owner did not file preliminary objections to the declaration and that the owner does not object to the taking. It also acknowledged that the owner and the borough had been engaged in “meaningful discussions regarding the value of the property” for several months and have exchanged appraisal reports, but had been unable to reach an agreement as of that date.

Armstrong said there is one remaining property for which the borough continues to pursue right-of-way acquisition.

A declaration of taking for the property at 320 N. Hanover St., the site of a Cornerstone Credit Union, was filed on April 8. That property is owned by John and Evangelia Bazionis. For this property, the borough is seeking 0.09 acres of the 0.27 acre property are needed for a street right-of-way and another .01 acre is needed for an access easement.

No additional documents were available at the Cumberland County Prothonotary's office as of this week.

Neither business would be closed by the rights-of-way, although it may change access to the businesses or the availability of parking.

The rights-of-way are needed for improvements included in the Carlisle Connectivity project. In this area, those improvements include the installation of a roundabout at the five-point intersection of North Hanover and Penn Street with Fairground Avenue.

The intersection of Carlisle Springs Road at the Norfolk Southern railroad crossing will be realigned and signalized. To make that happen, North Hanover Street needs to be widened slightly, necessitating the easements and rights-of-way.

Armstrong said the project’s schedule has the borough going out for construction bids late this year with construction starting in early 2020. The construction would be completed in summer 2021.

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