Carlisle Area School District

Pictured is the entrance to Carlisle High School.

Overflights by drones and a policy change around the Family Medical Leave Act were the key takeaways from a committee meeting held Thursday by the Carlisle Area School Board.


District administrators recommend the board change the policy on trespassing to prohibit the use of unmanned aerial vehicles on district property unless prior approval is granted by either the superintendent or a designee.

The recommendation was in response to recent overflights by drones including one that recorded video footage later posted on YouTube.

Family Medical Leave Act

District administrators suggested the board revise the policy for Family and Medical Leaves for all categories of district employees: administrative, professional and classified.

The Family Medical Leave Act requires employers provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to workers. Under current policy, district employees could extend that leave beyond the 12 weeks by using accrued sick leave, vacation or personal days or family leave, said Bruce Clash, chairman of the board policy and personnel committee.

The administration recommends the board change the policy to bring the district in line with an opinion letter from the U.S. Department of Labor. That letter directs employers to require that Family and Medical Leaves run concurrent with any accrued sick, vacation, personal or family leave.

Under the proposed revisions, employees would not be permitted to exceed 12 weeks of leave. The only exception would be 26 weeks allowed for military caregiver leave.

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