“Gone fishing,” Scott Buran said. “That’s what Tom Sawyer would say.”

On Friday night, Buran sat on a ledge in front of Bosler Memorial Library dressed in Tom Sawyer’s likeness. The sleeves on his plaid button down were rolled up, and he wore the character’s signature straw hat. And in his hand, Buran held out a mock fishing pole with a paper advert dangling from the end.

Buran is on board of directors of the Friends of the Bosler Memorial Library, a volunteer-run organization dedicated to raising money for the library. They run the Bookery, a used book shop inside the library’s historic East Wing, which dates back to 1900.

Buran was fishing for passersby to read as part of the Read Aloud Program, also known as RAP. Every First Friday, RAP sets up a podium at the top of the stairs and tries to get people to read from a selection of literature.

Buran started RAP two years ago after being inspired by Darlene Mier’s effort to establish reading programs in hospitals and senior care facilities.

Buran said he “hopes to get young people interested in public speaking and show them that reading is fun.”

Friday night’s theme was Mark Twain. The streets were packed with people, among them families of the 2019 class at the U.S. Army War College.

Vincent Bratton, a 10-year-old boy from Carlisle, stepped up to the podium and read a few pages of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.” Afterward, Buran shouted up from the bottom of the stairs, “Have you ever read anything by Mark Twain before? I hope you fall in love with his work like I did.”

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