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Chuck Adler, who prefers to go by his stage name Capital C, finds time for a number of creative endeavors.

The Carlisle man has been a repeat winner of the Field of Screams rap battle, performed as part of a local hip hop group, and is getting ready to film a movie that he wrote.

Q. Tell me a little about Da Merge, and how you came together.

Da Merge was formed, in 2010, when various hip hop artists met by chance at an open mic in Carlisle. Realizing that there wasn’t a strong hip hop genre in the area, these artists decided to “merge” together and make music. Original members included, but were not limited to, Capital C, Jinglez and Renegade. In 2015, James Smith, aka Flesh N Bones, joined Da Merge as their primary producer/DJ.

Since the addition of Flesh N Bones, Da Merge has set out to help others in Carlisle and neighboring communities by volunteering their time and talents. Whether performing at schools or churches, parks or festivals, libraries or clubs; Da Merge takes pride in educating the masses with their positive uplifting music. Furthermore, and staying true to their roots, Da Merge can frequently be seen and heard at various open mics throughout the year.

Q. You recently won the Field of Screams Rap Battle for the third year running. Will you tell us a little about the event and what it takes to consistently perform at a high level?

First, a little bit about the event. The Field of Screams Rap Battle is one of the longest-running competitions held at Field of Screams. Sixteen contestants battle each other one-on-one in an “8 Mile” style rap battle. The winner advances to the next round and the loser goes home.

Second, I’ve been freestyle rapping for 30 years now. The secret to consistently performing at a high level is to have fun with it. People ask me all the time why I still rap at my age, and the answer is simple, “I enjoy it.”

Q. In December, you will be filming a movie you wrote. What can we expect to see in that movie?

The movie I wrote is called “Merge Memories.” Throughout the movie, you can expect to see a large dose of Carlisle, as it will be filmed exclusively there. Furthermore, most of the actors and actresses in the film either live, work or are from Carlisle.

Q. How can locals get involved in the movie?

Locals can get involved in the movie in three ways. The first is through a monetary donation. Any money donated to the movie will be spent on making the film as professional as possible. The second is by serving as an extra in the film. There are not many scenes that require extras, but there are a few and we’d love to have you. Local businesses can get involved by giving us permission to film at their place of business. To help out in any of these ways or for more information, please email me at

Q. What drives you to be involved in so many creative efforts?

I have a 5-year-old daughter. She’s my inspiration and my motivation. For example, I wasn’t going to do the Field of Screams Rap Battle this year. After winning the previous two years, I decided that was enough. I told my daughter that I wasn’t going to do it this year and she yelled at me. She said, “Daddy, you have to go and get me another trophy.” I said, “I do?” and she replied, “No, you have to win me two more.” So I entered this year’s competition. When I returned home with this year’s trophy, she looked at me and said, “One more to go.” She’s always pushing me to be better.

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