South West Street, West Willow Street, and Walnut Bottom Road intersection

The intersection of South West Street, West Willow Street and Walnut Bottom Road in Carlisle.

The five-point intersection of West Street, Willow Street and Walnut Bottom Road in Carlisle could be the future site of a roundabout.

In describing the intersection’s issues, a June 2018 Harrisburg Area Transportation Study (HATS) document said, “The skewed nature of the intersection along with the turning lane configuration/signage is leading to driver and pedestrian confusion concerning the correct way to approach cross the intersection.”

The borough council recently sent a letter of support to HATS for a study on improvements to the intersection of West Street, Willow Street and Walnut Bottom Road.

The letter does not mention a roundabout, but a HATS project tracking table dated Sept. 13 noted that a project at the intersection could include “the construction of a 90’ mini-roundabout to address current geometric deficiencies and improve improve motorist and pedestrian safety.”

The project ranks as a “medium” priority with a potential price tag of $848,480.

A tracking table from a year earlier, June 2018, indicates the intersection was determined to be part of a high frequency crash corridor by HATS in 2015 and a severe crash corridor in 2013.

The June 2018 table also explains that the borough has tried several revisions to signs and road markings, but problems persist. Right turns on red have also been prohibited on the southbound approach to the intersection between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

In its letter of support for a study at the intersection, Carlisle officials noted that there are long-standing traffic and stormwater issues at the intersection which provides access within 2.9 miles to Route 34, Interstate 81 and Route 465 through the “critical, heavily travelled and developed Walnut Bottom Road corridor.”

The letter notes that numerous medical, residential and commercial facilities are located along the corridor which is also used to access warehouses, Dickinson College and downtown Carlisle. The demand on the corridor is expected to increase with pending redevelopment beyond Carlisle’s boundary, the letter said.

“It is our hope to collaborate with you in this important endeavor which will provide significant traffic benefits to the Carlisle community and surrounding region,” the letter concluded.

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