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Dickinson College will be bringing students back on campus next fall when a new residence hall opens on campus.

Craig Layne, assistant director of media relations, said the college has a four-year residency requirement for its students. However, some students were released from that residency requirement because enrollment and demand for on-campus housing exceeded available space on campus.

“The new residence hall being constructed at High and Conway streets will bring back to campus many of those students who have been living in off-campus housing not owned or leased by the college,” Layne wrote in a statement. “The college’s elimination of the off-campus permission process will not impact spaces in Carlisle currently leased by the college.”

The college leases 12 apartment buildings and 10 houses for student housing, but it does not consider those properties to be off-campus housing.

There are 97 students who have permission to live off-campus who may enter into leases with landlords other than the college. The college does not expect to grant such permission next year.

Groundbreaking on the new residence hall was held last March. The 40,475-square-foot building will house 129 students in both single and double occupancy rooms, and will include a great room, living room, outdoor patio, indoor bike storage room and common spaces. The $19 million building is being financed by tax-exempt bonds through the Cumberland County Municipality Authority.

With this addition, Dickinson will own or operate 17 traditional residence halls and 65 houses or apartment buildings, including 19 special-interest and Greek houses.

“As a residential campus, we believe the community is a lab for learning. Living in the core of campus provides easy access to activities, programs and speakers. If there are attractive options to live closer to the core of campus, we believe it will help facilitate that connection for students at all points in their college careers,” Layne said.

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