Carlisle Area School District

Pictured is the entrance to Carlisle High School.

The installation of a new gym floor in the McGowan building of Carlisle High School is on hold pending the delivery of equipment to dry out the humidity in the air.

The original maple floorboards of the Gene Evans Gym were removed in the spring as part of a $3.67 million renovation project that also saw the demolition of the old bleachers, basketball nets, drop ceiling, windows and HVAC system.

A delay in the delivery of new windows and HVAC units will delay the installation of the new gym floor from the original timeline of late August to as late as early October, Director of Finance Shawn Farr said.

Windows along the ceiling have been removed opening the gym up to the circulation of humid air from the outside, Farr said. He added the new windows are needed to seal the building so that the new HVAC system could remove the humidity from the air before the wood floor could be properly installed.

Otherwise, the moisture in the air could warp the floorboards, Farr said. Project plans call for the new HVAC units to be installed outside on flat sections of the gym roof.

The windows and HVAC units that have been on order for weeks could arrive at the school by the end of this week, Farr said. Once the windows and units are installed, work could proceed on the gym floor and the installation of the new basketball nets and bleachers.

Meanwhile, work to rebuild the locker rooms could be completed by mid-to-late September. Until the project work is done, the girls volleyball team will play home games at Wilson Middle School and physical education classes will be held either elsewhere in the high school building or outside when weather permits, Farr said.

“We can adjust between facilities,” said Farr noting how the David R. Swartz building of Carlisle High School has its own gymnasium.

Back in May, key sections of the original maple floorboards were cut away and salvage for their sentimental or historic value to the high school community and alumni.

The salvaged sections include the block letters that spell out “Carlisle” along each baseline, the references to Coach David Lebo Court and the center court school logo and bison that make up the jump circle.

Those sections of floorboard are now in storage and may be used as a future fundraiser coordinated by the Bison Foundation. The Bison is the school mascot. Lebo was coach of the Thundering Herd boys’ basketball team that won four consecutive state titles from 1985 to 1988.

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