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Carlisle Area School District Administrative office.

Carlisle Area School District Administrative office.

Carlisle Area School Board members appear unwilling to pursue Act 1 exceptions that would allow the district to raise the property tax beyond its base index for 2019-20.

The board Thursday convened a budget and finance committee meeting during which the idea of pursuing exceptions was briefly discussed.

There was no support among the board members who attended to forward a motion to the Sept. 20 board meeting for a formal vote.

Board members were in favor of administrators bringing up the idea early each school year as a reminder so the board has the flexibility to deliberate and act in case there was ever a change of heart.

Every year since 2006, the board has passed a resolution limiting its authority to increase the property tax millage to no more than an annual calculation for inflation and poverty issued by the state Department of Education.

In early August, administrators provided information to board members on exceptions that account for year-to-year increases in special education costs and the local contribution the district makes to the Pennsylvania Public School Employee’s Retirement System.

District administrators Thursday wanted input from the board on how to proceed. If committee members wanted to file for exceptions, staff would prepare the paperwork for board approval and submission to the department.

If the committee preferred not to file for exceptions, then staff would prepare the usual Act 1 resolution for possible board action in either October or November.

District Director of Finance Shawn Farr spoke for committee chairman Gerald Eby who was absent Thursday.

Farr said Eby was not in favor of pursuing exceptions.

“The three committee members are not in favor of that,” said Brian Guillaume, who is a committee member with Eby and Fred Baldwin.

Board member Bruce Clash was also absent from Thursday’s committee meeting. Board president Paula Bussard said Clash was not interested in pursuing exceptions.

“I think the timing of thinking about each year is more appropriate,” Bussard said.

“I am glad to see it being raised earlier,” Baldwin said.

The Act 1 Index for Carlisle for 2019-20 was not available on Thursday.

The base rate before the adjustment for poverty is looking to be about 2.3 percent, Farr said.

Carlisle School District had an index of 2.4 percent adjusted to 3.1 percent for 2018-19.

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