Carlisle Area School District

Pictured is the entrance to Carlisle High School.

If their comments are any indication, the majority of Carlisle Area School Board members favor outsourcing the remaining district-employed instructional aides.

Though no vote was taken Thursday, there was enough of a consensus among the nine board members to advance as an agenda item a proposed transition plan for the aides.

Board members are expected to take a formal vote during regular monthly meeting scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. April 18 in the large group instruction room of the Fowler building of Carlisle High School.

The decision to advance the transition plan came after each board member spoke about the thought process behind how they are leaning on the issue.

Of the nine, only Brian Guillaume said he will vote against the transition plan amid concern over what outsourcing could mean for the stability of special needs students.

District administrators recommend the board outsource the remaining aides to save the district an estimated $600,000 in personnel costs in the budget for 2019-20. Most of the savings would result from removing the current aides from the district’s pension and health insurance rolls.

Board member Rick Coplen said he did not come to the meeting Thursday with a prepared statement or a leaning on how he may vote on April 18. For him, the critical question would be how to compensate for the loss of the $600,000 in savings if the board votes against outsourcing the aides.

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