U.S. health regulators are moving ahead with a plan to keep e-cigarettes out of the hands of teenagers by restricting sales of most flavored products in convenience stores and online.

Carlisle Area School Board Thursday approved policy revisions that expand the list of tobacco products that are prohibited on school grounds and at school events.

The list now includes not only cigarettes, cigars and pipes, but electronic cigarettes or smoking devices, personal vaporizers or electronic delivery systems, chemicals or devices that produce the same flavor or physical effect of nicotine substances and smokeless tobacco in any form.

Personal vaporizers and other new products have come into the schools and are being used more widespread by teenagers, said Bruce Clash, chairman of the board policy and personnel committee.

The revisions also authorize the superintendent or a designee to report any incident involving the sale of tobacco to minors to the Carlisle Borough police department. This would apply to sales made by any person on any school property, at any school-sponsored activity or on any vehicle transporting students to and from district property or activities.

In addition, the superintendent is authorized to make an annual report on all incidents involving the possession, use or sale of tobacco to the Office for Safe Schools.

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