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Joyce Morgan has completed what she calls an “overwhelming journey” — one that began in tragedy last year but today is ending in celebration.

“It’s been an incredible year,” said Morgan, owner of Joyce Morgan’s Beauty and Wig Salon, 235 York Road, Carlisle. “We’re so excited to be back in business … (and) it’s so wonderful to come back for the homecoming — the end of the journey — at Christmas, the most beautiful time of the year.”

Morgan’s business was destroyed in a fire last November. Since then, she has rebuilt and will now celebrate with an open house from 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday.

Morgan said the event will feature cookies and home cooked foods and give her and her staff an opportunity to thank the community for its support.

“We want to show our gratitude to all who stayed with us,” she said. “We decided to do it on a Sunday (rather than a work day) so we could focus on the people who made it possible for us to return, to greet and thank folks and hope they will share some food with us.”

A hair stylist for 52 years, Morgan and her husband purchased the property in 1970 and soon after opened the doors to her home-based business. She said the house, which was built in 1955, was once home to a sewing machine store and later the Ponytail Drive-in restaurant, which she recalls visiting as a child.

But last November, heat from a grill she was cleaning on the patio next to the house caused a fire that spread into the attic.

“On Veterans Day 2016, I lost everything,” she said.

Morgan, whose husband died about three months earlier, escaped the fire with her two Golden Doodle dogs.

She said her first thoughts were of her staff. She started immediately to make calls, finding other beauty salons in the area that would hire the seven people she employs until she was able to reopen her business.

“This happened on a Friday night, and by Monday I had everyone placed,” she said. “That was a priority, to have places for everyone to work.”

A year later, on Nov. 20, Morgan passed her state inspection, and on Nov. 21, she was back in business.

She said her staff is back, and her regular clients have returned along with a few new customers.

“That’s how incredible the Lord has been for me, providing for me every step,” she said.

“The clients have been phenomenal, and I have the most incredible employees I could ever ask for. They were by my side the whole time through.”

Morgan’s business is a full-service salon that offers regular and walk-in appointments for men and women, Monday to Saturday. Her new shop includes a barbering space for two in-house barbers.