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Carlisle Borough Hall

Sentinel File The Carlisle Borough Council could consider the non-discrimination ordinance by December.

A Carlisle postal worker was in the right place at the right time Thursday afternoon.

A young girl was struck by an SUV while riding her bike at the intersection of West North and Cherry Streets around 3 p.m. in Carlisle. Half of her green bicycle was lodged beneath the vehicle, and she was visibly shaken.

“It was all kind of scary,” Steve Grabowicz, the postal worker who assisted the girl, said of the impact.

He witnessed the accident from the mailbox he was emptying at the corner, and then immediately ran to the girl, grabbed her bike and laid it on nearby grass, and called 911. The girl appeared to have injured her wrist in the crash.

“I was just asking her if she was hurt, she said her hand hurts so we just had a seat and waited” Grabowicz said.

Residents at the scene noticed the deed and mentioned how Grabowicz helped the girl.

No information regarding the driver of the vehicle that struck her was available at the scene.

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