Old Glory will fly again at the Cumberland County Courthouse in time for Memorial Day.

Last Sunday’s severe storms ripped the rope to which the United States and Pennsylvania state flags were attached, and sent it flying into a nearby tree.

The flags were retrieved with the help of Carlisle Borough, county spokeswoman Samantha Krepps said.

The county doesn’t have anything to lift employees to the top of the 75-foot flagpole to replace the rope, so Carlisle Fire & Rescue Services stepped in on Thursday with their ladder truck, she said.

“It’s a great partnership. It’s great that they can do this and help us out,” Krepps said.

The truck blocked the right-turn lane on the northbound side of Hanover Street for a time while the work was being done. The crew also replaced the ropes on the flagpole at the old prison.

Krepps said new flags would be flying on the pole after the inclement weather Thursday afternoon.

“We change all the flags at the county-owned and operated buildings once a year before Memorial Day. However, when we see a flag that is worn or tattered throughout the year, we change it out,” Krepps said.

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