Carlisle garbage

Garbage bags sit on the sidewalk along West North Street in Carlisle.

Carlisle Borough Council rejected both of the bids it received for its trash and recycling contract at its Thursday night meeting.

Councilman Sean Shultz said the borough had requested bids for its current “pay as you throw” system and three alternatives. The alternatives included giving the customer a choice of bag sizes, a flat fee per dwelling unit per month or a combination of the two which would give the customer an option to use a flat fee system or paying per bag.

“We did not get bids on any of those other alternatives,” Shultz said.

The two bids the borough received offered a price for the current system only, and those prices marked a “significant increase” in costs that likely is related to recycling issues, he said.

The council directed the staff to go back to bidders and possibly to others with new alternatives that may give the borough better options.

The current contract ends at the end of the year. The borough seeks a contract that would be in effect from Jan. 1, 2020, to Dec. 31, 2020.

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