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Carlisle Borough Hall 2016

Carlisle Borough Hall is at 53 W. South St.

The Borough of Carlisle has reached a settlement with its former public works director, Michael Keiser.

The settlement, approved at Thursday’s borough council meeting, indicates that Keiser will be paid $325,000 from the borough’s general fund and an additional $325,000 from the borough’s insurance carrier.

Keiser had filed a lawsuit against the borough in 2015 in U.S. Middle District Court alleging that he had been fired on May 1, 2014, only hours after registering an internal age discrimination complaint against Borough Manager Matt Candland.

Keiser was 61 at the time he filed the suit.

The settlement and release agreement notes that the parties in the suit — the borough, its representatives, employees and Keiser — wish to amicably resolve any and all issues related to Keiser’s employment.

“Council believes that settling this matter at this time was in the best, long-term interest of the borough,” Deputy Mayor Sean Shultz said. “There is always an extraordinary expense in litigating cases like this even when you win, and it drags employees through a lengthy trial. As with any settlement, neither party gets everything they were seeking, but it’s best for all in the long run. This settlement is not an admission of liability or any wrongdoing, but is a means to allow the parties to move beyond this litigation without further expenditure of resources.”

In exchange for the monetary and other benefits described in the agreement, Keiser will release and hold harmless the borough.

“We unequivocally deny the claims made against the borough with respect to discrimination or retaliation and firmly believe Mr. Candland acted appropriately in this matter,” Mayor Tim Scott said.

Keiser’s attorney, Solomon Z. Krevsky of Clark & Krevsky LLC, did not respond to a request for comment.