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Carlisle Borough Hall 2016

Carlisle Borough Hall is at 53 W. South St.

A crew from Cumberland Goodwill EMS responded Thursday evening to a call and reported hearing gunfire nearby.

The crew was dispatched around 7:40 p.m. to a residence on Dawn Ridge Loop in Carlisle for a reported breathing problem, according to a statement released on the Cumberland Goodwill Twitter account.

Crew members said they heard gunfire inside the home and evacuated, according to the statement. It was determined the sound came from a different area and not the home of the patient with a breathing problem.

The Carlisle Police Department was notified and assisted at the scene.

No injuries were reported by the crew.

“Cumberland Goodwill would like to praise the situational awareness of the crew members who immediately recognized a concerning situation then quickly and safely removed themselves from the scene,” the Twitter statement read. “We would also like to thank the Carlisle Police Department for their quick response and assistance safely accessing the patient.”