Lily and Becca Ward-Diorio

Lily and Becca Ward-Diorio

Lily and Rebecca Ward-Diorio may be twins but there’s really no mistaking the two.

It helps that they’re fraternal twins so they don’t look any more alike than any other two sisters would. Plus, they admittedly have different personalities.

“I have the nerdy vibe going,” Lily said.

“I’m a little more outgoing,” Rebecca said.

The Boiling Springs High School seniors say their parents, Sue and John Ward-Diorio, were always careful to treat them as individuals. It shows in their varied interests.

Lily’s interests tend to be international in scope. She helped launch the school’s UNICEF Club during her freshman year, and has watched the club grow from 10 members to about 30 now.

“I’m really proud of how much the club has grown and how much money the club has raised,” she said.

The club has raised $2,000 for UNICEF, which works to assist children in 190 countries across the globe, through candy sales and a spaghetti dinner.

Through their work with the club, the students have not only been educating themselves about what the agency does but also have been able to share their knowledge with the entire school, Lily said.

“The people in the club are engaged in the world,” she said. “It’s nice for us to be able to make a difference in helping those people out.”

Rebecca’s work with the Interact Club, a volunteer organization for high school students through Rotary International, looks closer to home for its service. One of its major events each year is the Veterans Day breakfast in which local veterans are invited to the school and treated to music from the Concert Choir along with their breakfast.

Rebecca said she likes seeing the interaction among the veterans and students, and hearing the veterans’ stories.

“It’s really nice to be able to provide a slight service for them, and being able to provide a breakfast to repay them for all they did,” she said.

The two have some activities in common. They are both class officers. Lily is the class vice-president and Rebecca is the historian. They’ve both been part of the concert choir and debate team as well as members of the track and field and cross-country teams.

Up until now, the two have been individuals moving in the same orbit at a relatively small school. That’s about to change. There’s only one college to which both Lily and Rebecca applied so odds are they will end up at different schools come the fall.

“This is going to be the branching out,” Lily said.

Given her interest in global issues, Lily wants to study international relations, which is particularly appealing because it will allow her to study a variety of fields including economics, history and law, among others.

All of the schools to which she applied are in the city.

“So, I’ll be somewhere in a city on the eastern coast,” she said.

There is a chance that Rebecca could be only a ride away on the Boston metro, or the “T.”

Rebecca plans to study marine biology, and confirmed her interest with a summer program last year on Cape Cod during which she learned oceanography. She said it was important for her to have the opportunity to do fieldwork as an undergraduate so she will likely be at a college along the New England coast next fall.

The two sometimes get concerned about being apart from each other, but Rebecca said she’s certain they will call each other at least once a week and that they will text often.

“Lily definitely doesn’t use her phone as much as me so I’ll be the one reaching out,” Rebecca said.

Lily said living in the age of social media and FaceTime will also be helpful in staying connected.

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