Thirty-four men with Cumberland County ties died in Vietnam from May 1964 to May 1970.

The Cumberland County Historical Society years ago launched a special project to gather as much information as possible on these honored dead. The information below was taken from a roster summarizing the life and service of each of the fallen.

Twenty-three of the men served in the Army, nine served in the Marine Corps, and two served in the Navy. Five died in accidents while four were killed by mines or booby traps. Nine were listed as being married – of which four had children.

The men are listed by service branch in the order in which they died in Vietnam:


Courtney Price Hollar Jr. – The oldest and first Cumberland County serviceman to die in Vietnam, Shippensburg native, 1937 Shippensburg High School graduate, World War II and Korean War veteran, recipient of Silver Star for gallantry, major in Vietnam with Advisory Team 95, killed in plane crash, May 5, 1964.

Myron McClelland Pfoutz – Mercersburg native, high school graduate, broadcast journalist turned helicopter pilot, killed in collision between two helicopters, May 28, 1965, age 33.

Derwood D. Steigleman Jr. – Carlisle resident, left high school to join military, earned diploma while in the service, served with the 101st Airborne Division, killed in action, June 10, 1966.

Robert Lee Adams Jr.—Carlisle native, 1961 Carlisle High School graduate, platoon leader, killed in action, Nov. 4, 1966, age 23.

Dennis Ray Lehman – Newville native, 1964 Big Spring High School graduate, truck driver, killed when convoy was ambushed, Nov. 21, 1966.

Gary Lee Lininger – Shippensburg resident, attended Shippensburg High School, infantryman, killed by a land mine, Jan. 16, 1967, age 19. His twin brother Larry survived the war.

James Ralph Snyder – Lynchburg, Virginia, native, New Cumberland resident, infantryman, killed by a land mine, June 27, 1967, age 27.

Stephen Winfield Davis – Son of Brig. Gen. Franklin M. Davis, father served on Army War College faculty, 1961 Carlisle High School graduate, platoon leader, killed in action, Aug. 18, 1967.

Kenneth Lee Devor – Walnut Bottom native, 1966 Big Spring High School graduate, gunner on an armored cavalry vehicle, killed in a rocket attack, Feb. 10, 1968.

Harold Eugene Barrick—Carlisle native, Newville resident, 1965 Big Spring High School graduate, ammunition handler, killed in action April 8, 1968, age 20.

Ricky Lee Null – Lemoyne resident, infantryman, died of fragmentation wounds, April 20, 1968, age 19.

David Warrington Casey – Carlisle native, 1965 Carlisle High School graduate, squad leader, died when unit was ambushed, May 18, 1968, age 21.

Thomas Thoma Sprinkle – Mechanicsburg native, 1964 Mechanicsburg High School graduate, infantryman, killed in action, July 7, 1968.

Gregory Brian Whitmore – Born in Germany, father was a career soldier, attended Camp Hill High School, soldier in a cavalry regiment, killed in action, Aug. 5, 1968, age 20.

Wayne Eugene Monismith – 1965 Boiling Springs High School graduate, truck driver, killed in action while transporting much-needed ammunition, Sept. 17, 1968, age 20.

James Wallace Cramer – Tennessee native, Camp Hill resident, 1965 Cedar Cliff High School graduate, squad leader, killed by booby trap, Sept. 27, 1968, age 21.

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Paul Earl Fought Jr. – Mechanicsburg resident, radio and telephone operator, died Oct. 20, 1968, age 19.

Richard Hause Sweger – 1945 Lemoyne High School graduate, trained in chemical warfare, served with a headquarters company, died from injuries suffered in an air transport accident, Jan. 2, 1969.

John Ernest Marpo – Shippensburg native, Boiling Springs resident, medic, killed in action, Feb. 23, 1969.

Jerry Ray Langley – Camp Hill resident, vehicle mechanic, killed by the accidental discharge of a rifle, May 2, 1969.

Carl Frederick Lybrand – Gardners resident, 1967 Carlisle High School class member, construction equipment repairman, died of wounds from accidental grenade explosion, May 24, 1969, age 19.

William Henry Morris Jr. – Harrisburg native, 1963 Mechanicsburg High School graduate, captain in the 5th Special Forces Group, killed during an aerial reconnaissance mission, Oct. 9, 1969, age 24.

Wayne Leroy Yinger Jr. – Mechanicsburg native, 1967 Mechanicsburg High School graduate, infantryman, killed in action, May 27, 1970. Yinger was the last Cumberland County resident to die in Vietnam.


Edward Jay Rykoskey – Carlisle native, 1964 Carlisle High School graduate, radio man, struck by automatic weapons fire, Aug. 18, 1966, the only serviceman from Cumberland County whose remains are not accounted for.

Gary Lee Ream – 1964 Carlisle High School graduate, classmate of Edward Rykoskey, rifleman, killed in action while acting as a point man on patrol, Nov. 3, 1966, age 20.

Jeffrey Jay David – Camp Hill resident, 1965 Cedar Cliff High School graduate, infantryman, killed by gunfire to chest, June 27, 1967, age 19.

Donald Leroy Thomas – Shippensburg native, attended local schools, rifleman, mortally wounded, Aug. 6, 1967.

John Leroy Carey – Gardners resident, 1966 Carlisle High School graduate, rifleman, killed on patrol, Feb. 13, 1968.

Carl Robert Leed – Lancaster native, West Fairview resident, Korean War veteran, member of a reconnaissance battalion, killed in mortar attack, Feb. 29, 1968, age 33.

Paul Vincent McHenry – Philadelphia native, grew up in Lower Allen Township, high school graduate, forward observer, died in a battle near Khe Sanh, June 15, 1968, age 21.

Larry Gordon Sandnes – New Cumberland native, 1966 Cedar Cliff High School graduate, shot and killed while on a mission, Dec. 8, 1968.

Joseph John Meyer Jr. – Somerset native, grew up in Mechancisburg, member of battalion landing team, killed in action in his first military operation, July 4, 1969, age 20.


Ralph David Hale II – New Cumberland native, 1963 Cedar Cliff High School graduate, corpsman, killed when boat was ambushed, Dec. 9, 1967.

Erik Niles Rudziak – Born in Germany, the son of a career military officer, 1966 Carlisle High School graduate, engineer fireman, died in sea mine explosion, Jan. 19, 1969, age 19.

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