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South Middleton School District

An aerial view of Boiling Springs High School and its facilities.

The three schools that make up the main campus of the South Middleton School District will each have a separate street address effective Monday.

Prior to the change, Iron Forge Elementary School, Yellow Breeches Middle School and Boiling Springs High School were grouped under the single street address of 4 Forge Road.

That old address will cease to exist on Monday.

The change is being made as part of an initiative to improve safety and security on the campus.

Aside from the schools, there will be a separate street address for the building housing the district’s Buildings and Grounds Department and a separate address for the district administrative office wing that occupies part of the newly renovated and expanded Iron Forge school building. The new addresses are as follows:

Iron Forge Elementary School, 4 Academy St., Suite 200, Boiling Springs, PA, 17007.

Yellow Breeches Middle School, 30 Academy St., Boiling Springs, PA 17007.

Boiling Springs High School, 21 Academy St., Boiling Springs, PA 17007.

South Middleton School District, Administration Office, Suite 100, 4 Academy St. Boiling Springs, PA, 17007

South Middleton School District, Buildings and Grounds Department, 9 Academy St., Boiling Springs, PA 17007.

The W.G. Rice Elementary School will not be affected by the change of address initiative. That building address will remain as 805 Holly Pike, Mount Holly Springs, PA, 17065.

The recommendation to separate out each building from the combined 4 Forge Road address came from the Center for Safe Schools, said Andrew Glantz, district director of buildings and grounds.

Having a separate street address for each structure makes it easier for first-responders to locate a specific building in the event of an emergency, Glantz said.

He added separating out each building also improves the efficiency of mail and package delivery on the campus.

Talk of this change of address initiative first surfaced publicly on June 1, 2015, during a briefing Glantz gave to school board members on a list of upgrades being discussed by the district safety committee.

Since then, the district has approached South Middleton Township officials about giving the road network within the campus street names for better identification. The district also obtained approval for an address change through the U.S. Postal Service.

To implement the change, the district had to work in coordination with the Cumberland County GIS Department which uses Internet based tax mapping applications to assign each property a unique address to avoid duplication and confusion.

The use of “Academy Street” in each building address is more accurate than the “4 Forge Road” combined address. Academy Street turns off Forge Road and is situated opposite Arnold Street.

On land development plans, Academy Street was the name of the road that went past the Iron Forge building and proceeded up the hill to the high school and beyond to the middle school.

It was just assumed by some that Academy Street was part of Arnold Street, Glantz said.

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