SOUTH MIDDLETON TOWNSHIP — The board of supervisors Thursday night unanimously approved the conditional use terms for the Goodman-Birtcher warehouse project.

The board of supervisors, as well as the attorneys for Goodman-Birtcher and attorney Nathan Wolf, agreed upon 40 conditional use terms. Supervisor Tom Faley said that 26 of the 40 terms were mostly created and agreed upon between both attorneys, and that the 14 remaining terms were produced by the board of supervisors.

All parties involved in the process agreed upon the 40 terms.

“The beautiful thing about it,” Faley explained, is that “they (attorneys) did it.”

“They worked that out to a degree among themselves (26 conditions),” Faley continued. “Made our job a hell of a lot easier. By doing that, it’s just self-evidence that tells you hey, they were covering their own needs. In other words, each party had needs. They dialogued in give-and-take before they ever came in here. I love that.”

Some of the conditional use terms that were agreed upon Thursday at the supervisors’ meeting are:

  • The outdoor storage of unlicensed vehicles is prohibited.
  • All vehicles and machinery shall be repaired and removed from the premises promptly.
  • Applicant shall coordinate stormwater management agreements for the proposed development with South Middleton Township, Dickinson Township and the Carlisle Borough.
  • All structures, including but not limited to air compressors, fueling islands and kiosks, shall be set back from the street right-of-way line by at least 50 feet.
  • All taxes associated with and arising from use of the approved/adopted annexation boundary shall be paid to South Middleton Township and South Middleton School District.
  • The installation and/or use of any exterior loud speaker(s) and/or exterior public address system are prohibited.

Also thrown into the package by the three parties was a well testing agreement plan that requires Goodman-Birtcher to conduct water testing on adjacent wells on the property where the warehouse will be constructed.

Testing will take place before the commencement of construction and after the completion of the warehouse in order to define whether or not construction causes any type of water contamination. Goodman-Birtcher will have to continue well testing on a yearly basis for 10 years.

“We don’t always do that,” Supervisor Bryan Gembusia said.

Goodman-Birtcher will have an independent third party conduct the testing.

The next phase for the warehouse project in South Middleton Township will be preliminary land development hearings in which the plan will go through the planning commission, and based on the commission’s recommendations, the plan will then be brought to the board of supervisors.

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