HARRISBURG – Acting Secretary of State Robert Torres says Pennsylvania did not see widespread issues at polling places on Election Day.

“The election was carried out statewide with little incident,” Torres said. “Thanks to properly trained poll workers and well-informed voters, most areas of the state saw only isolated issues.”

York County says a “technical oversight” with election machines allowed people to vote more than once for certain candidates in Tuesday’s election.

The county said the issue impacted candidates who appear twice in a single race where more than one candidate is elected.

The county’s Elections and Voter Registration department discovered the problem late Monday afternoon and determined it was too late to reprogram machines already sent to 159 election districts.

Notices were posted at all polling places, reminding voters they may vote only once for cross-filed candidates in the same race.

“York County election officials have kept us informed throughout the day,” Torres said. “It is my plan to request York County conduct a full review and report on what occurred.”

Chester County reported that voters in one apartment complex were assigned to the wrong precinct, but election officials ensured all voters involved were able to cast ballots.

By the time polls closed at 8 p.m., the state’s voter help line (1-877-VOTESPA) received more than 600 calls, with most of the callers asking for help to locate their polling place.

Power outages were reported at some polling places in northern counties due to severe weather, however, temporary power was provided by emergency personnel so voting could continue.

Pennsylvania’s election involved over 9,100 polling places.