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Wind Cave

Pictured is a map of Wind Cave, near the Conestoga Trail. The purple mark is the entrance, and the yellow mark is where the teenager was stuck.

PEQUEA — More details have emerged about how first responders rescued a 15-year-old boy trapped in Wind Cave in Martic Township, Lancaster County. Emergency personnel had to crawl under rocks and up steep vertical shafts to get to the teenager.

The teen was stuck in a wedge of the cave for eight hours.

“What they did was work to stabilize him so he wouldn’t go further, and then to try to put some upward pressure on him,” said Tony Williams, a spokesman for the Rawlinsville Volunteer Fire Company. “Then, they started chipping away by hand at some of the rock.”

More than 60 first responders lined Bridge Valley Road Saturday night.

Williams says rescue personnel brought equipment, lights and water more than 300 feet into the cave.

“It starts off large, gets narrow,” Williams said. “A lot the areas you have to crawl through. A lot of the areas you have to shimmy through, and then it drops down. You have to drop down to different angles to get through.”

This isn’t the first time the fire department has been called to the cave to save someone, but it was the most difficult. Williams says people who go back there should be careful and stay in groups.

“You want to leave word where you’re going, how long you plan to be, and when you plan to be back,” Williams said.

Investigators say the teenager was with a group of friends and adults.

Williams says the boy is being monitored at a hospital and is expected to be released Monday.

“Family did indicate that he’s doing well and in good spirits,” he said.