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Cycling safety

Pat Krebs of the Lebanon Valley Bicycle Coalition attaches a pole to her bicycle that illustrates the distance motorists should give cyclists.

PALMYRA – A video shows an apparent road rage incident involving a motorist and a group of bicyclists.

In the video, a man is seen yelling at a group of bicyclists who were riding on Cherry Street in Palmyra. He is heard saying, “the driver that knocked the person down in Lebanon was a hero in my eye.”

He was likely referring to a July 22 incident in South Londonderry Township where a hit-and-run driver intentionally swerved an SUV into a group of four bicyclists riding along Colebrook Road.

The man in the video tells the cyclists, “you’re going to get the same thing.”

Pat Krebs of the Lebanon Valley Bicycle Coalition was not in the video, but she has pushed for bicycle safety. She has attached a four-foot pole to her bicycle.

“It’s only to demonstrate the degree of space that supposed to be left between us and the motorists who is passing,” she said.

Krebs said she’s seen numerous instances of bicyclists getting threatened.

“We bicyclists have to be extraordinarily respectful of motorists, too,” she added.

Mike Sheehan, a bicyclist from North Londonderry Township, said cyclists have been forced to add more safety features to their rides. He said some enthusiasts have also added cameras.

“I’m always aware of vehicles as I have a mirror on my helmet so I can watch vehicles coming up behind me,” Sheehan said. “I try to stay on the right as far as I can.”

Krebs said she would like to see more bicycle lanes. She said it’s up to lawmakers to fix that.

“Sometimes, I’ve met bicyclists who don’t move over when they should,” Krebs said. “I’ve been just as frustrated as someone who is just a motorist who doesn’t bike.”

Krebs said her organization is collecting reward money for the person who can identify the driver involved in the July 22 incident.