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For the test-patients of one Mechanicsburg doctor, a brand new treatment provides life-changing freedom from the pain and suffering of migraine symptoms.

Dr. David Sullivan, the owner of Keystone Chiropractic Neurology in Upper Allen Township, will be the first to say he stumbled upon a new therapy — capable of revolutionizing the field of functional neurology — completely by accident one day while treating a patient for dizziness in his office off South Market Street.

“This person told me about when they would go to work, they would stand near a particular piece of loud machinery and all of their symptoms would go away,” Sullivan said. “We did some problem solving to figure out, was it the sound from the machine or was it the pressure wave emitted by the machine? We tested it out and we landed on pressure as the main symptom reliever.”

Sullivan said the patient’s dizziness, ringing ears and cranial pressure subsided almost immediately after he began the improvised therapy. The results encouraged Sullivan to organize a formal clinical study to further test the treatment and eventually publish the experimental findings.

“It’s such a simple therapy that anyone in the whole world could have access to it,” Sullivan said, noting he could not release specifics until publication of the study results.

Chronic migraines, according to Sullivan, cause debilitating effects extending far beyond the physical pain sufferers often report.

“They can suffer with their job, family and home life,” he said. “People with chronic migraines are more likely to commit suicide from the constant pain. Once the study is published, every doctor, nurse, and chiropractor could use it anywhere in the world and really save lives.”

So far, seven volunteers have given Sullivan a shot at relieving their migraines.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this — I feel great,” said Mary Lou Mattis, an attorney at Saidis Sullivan & Rogers law firm in Carlisle and long-term migraine sufferer.

Mattis said her migraines began in her early 20s and besides the crippling headaches, she experiences jaw pain and nausea on a weekly basis.

“I came in today with a lot of symptoms,” she said. “This is one of my worst days, and I went through the therapy and I feel great. I don’t have a headache at all.”

Mattis estimated the treatment took roughly 30 minutes to complete and relieved her symptoms throughout the entire process.

“And it’s not just the headache, it’s all the other things that go along with the headache,” she added. “It’s incredible.”

Mattis first discovered Sullivan’s clinical study while researching alternative treatment methods online.

Sullivan, a graduate of Logan Chiropractic College and Shippensburg University, said he and other doctors practicing functional neurology offer medication-free treatment of neurological disorders — satisfying a growing trend in patient care.

“Medical neurology addresses the illness and treats it with drugs or surgery,” he said. “In functional neurology, we can look at the same brain and nervous system and assess its function and apply specific rehabilitation strategies to change it or make it more normal. It’s life changing work. We’ve found that people have eliminated chronic illness and are living like it never happened.”

Sullivan said he treats 15-20 patients a day for a range of conditions, including migraines, vertigo and fibromyalgia.

“We use neurological rehabilitation to rewire their brain to make symptoms go away,” he said. “It’s not the cure, but it can be part of a more comprehensive treatment program to make it go away.”

For more information about Keystone Chiropractic Neurology, visit or call 717-697-0589.