Ask Your Physical Therapist: How do I stop the pain in my neck and arm
Ask Your Physical Therapist

Ask Your Physical Therapist: How do I stop the pain in my neck and arm

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When it comes to stopping neck and arm pain, first you need to determine if the pain in the arm and neck are related to one another.

Often times, arm pain, numbness, tingling and weakness are results of an issue going on at the neck. The reason this is true is that there are fluid filled discs between each one of the neck bones of the spine. These discs provide shock absorption and help to keep pressure off the nerves that come off your spinal cord and travel down your arms.

When the fluid inside one or more of the discs in your neck bulges out against the walls of the disc, this creates pressure on the nerves that come off the spinal cord.

Nerves control your muscles and provide you with the ability to feel hot, cold, pain, light touch, etc. If one of the discs are placing pressure on a nerve, this will cause pain, numbness, tingling and or weakness in part of the arm, forearm and/or hand.

Take a look at these questions to see if they apply:

  • Do you have pain that first began in your neck but gradually worsened and traveled down your arm?
  • Does the pain in your arm or neck worse when you cough, sneeze or sit?
  • Have you noticed that you, all of a sudden, have trouble gripping and/or lifting objects, including your arm?
  • Is your pain keeping you from sleeping through the night?
  • Is your pain keeping you from being able to work or participate in activities that you love?

If you answered yes to any of these or questions like these, the way to rid yourself of your neck and arm pain is to take pressure off the nerve, resolve the muscle tightness and restore strength to muscles weakened by the pressure on the nerve.

The physical therapists at Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy are experts in the evaluation, treatment and resolution of neck and arm pain. During their evaluation of your pain, physical therapists will be able to determine if the neck and arm pain, numbness, tingling and/or weakness are related or separate.

This leads to the development of a custom treatment plan, which allows the therapist to restore your strength, function and ability to work and sleep through the night.

Call 717-245-0400 to schedule a free screen with one of our therapists to see if physical therapy can help you get your life back.

Email me at with any questions you have on this topic or others.

Steve Miller is the owner of Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy and can be reached by email at His column will appear bi-monthly in the Thrive section of the Sentinel and on


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