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If you’re looking to get rid of knee pain and get back to walking and exercising without the need for surgery and medications, you’re not alone.

Many people have issues with knee pain cause a limp and make it difficult to walk up stairs, and many are given medication to reduce the inflammation. The problem is, this doesn’t fix the reason why the problem occurred, it only treats the symptoms.

Many people are recommended to have surgical procedures, such as knee replacement or arthroscopic surgery. While surgery has it’s place and can be helpful, there are many times when it can be avoided and your pain resolved and function returned without surgery (even when you are told “your knee is bone on bone”).

In addition, there is downside and risk to surgery, such as: risk of infection at the surgery site, extended recovery time and time off work, increase medical costs out of pocket and the possibility of continued knee pain that is worse or the same as prior to surgery.

Often times, the knee pain that is making you limp, affecting your ability to walk up and down stairs, exercise and just live a daily life is due to weakness, tightness, joint compression, poor foot position or a combination of some or all of these factors.

Stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak muscles surrounding the knee can reduce knee joint compression and pain that leads to the inability to do what you want and love to do. In addition, making sure the arches of the foot are not too flat or too high, as well as ensuring that you have equal leg length, can all be huge factors in reducing your knee pain. Also, ensuring that you are in the proper shoe for your foot type and ensuring that you are walking with proper form are important factors in the reduction/prevention of knee pain as well.

The physical therapists at Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy specialize in solving the problems that are causing you not be able to walk properly, perform stairs and keep up with friends and family all without the need for surgery or medication.

Email me your questions and a description of the issues you are having at smiller@cardinmillerpt.com and I can answer your questions, as well as send you some additional information on knee pain and how to avoid it. You can also call my office at 717-245-0400 to schedule a free screen with one of our physical therapists to help solve the issues with your knee.

If you have a question you would like me to answer in one of my upcoming columns, please email me your question.

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Steve Miller is the owner of Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy and can be reached by email at smiller@cardinmillerpt.com. His column will appear bi-monthly in the Thrive section of the Sentinel and on Cumberlink.com.