4 ways to ease your dog’s arthritis pain at home
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4 ways to ease your dog’s arthritis pain at home

Dog Arthritis


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Arthritis is one of the most common ailments in senior pups, and it can become painful enough that it limits your dog’s mobility and decreases quality of life. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to ease your dog’s arthritis pain at home and keep your dog as happy as ever.

1) Help your dog get up and down.

If your dog loves jumping up on the couch or bed for some cuddles but can’t quite make the leap anymore, help ease arthritis related hip pain by adding affordable pet stairs with slip-proof carpet treads to make it easier for your dog to access all the places he loves.

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2)  Enjoy a day at the beach.

Exercise is a great way to keep excess weight off which can take pressure off your dog’s sore joints. But when your dog is already sore, it can be hard to motivate her for a long walk or run. Swimming is a great alternative for dogs who are comfortable in the water. The non-weight bearing exercise is soothing for sore joints and can help increase mobility. If your dog is hesitant in the water, try a life jacket.

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3) Change up your dog’s diet.

Keeping your dog at a healthy weight isn’t the only concern when it comes to easing a pup’s arthritis pain. Adding supplements that support joint health to your dog’s diet can also give him a better quality of life. Fish oils are helpful in maintaining joint health and supporting mobility, so opt for a supplement with glucosamine from shellfish. Active ingredients like chondroitin sulfate protects cartilage, while MSM serves as a natural anti-inflammatory. 

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4) Give your dog the coziest spot in the house.

Thin dog beds and cold floors can aggravate arthritis pain, so up your dog’s all day nap marathons by adding a heating pad to a plush orthopedic bed. The heat will soothe sore joints and increase mobility while the bed takes pressure off of achy hips, legs, and shoulders.

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