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Trash Can


Buying a new trash can usually feels like a chore. It’s not as fun as shopping for a shiny new kitchen appliance or a unique piece of furniture, but it is an item you use every day. If you’re tired of cheap plastic cans that build up grime over time or touching dirty lids to dispose of garbage, this motion sensing touchless model might just be a trash can you can get excited about.

Two Power Options

The iTouchless automatic sensor trashcan can be powered by battery or an AC adapter, so you don’t need to worry about storing your trash can near a plug if you have few in your kitchen. The automatic sensor ensures you’ll never have to touch a grimy trash can lid again. The can also comes with technology that prevents the lid from closing on your hand.

Smart Design

The modern design of this touchless trashcan fits into any kitchen. The stainless steel is fingerprint-proof, germ-resistant, and easy to clean. Unlike more expensive trash can brands, this model is designed to fit common trash bags; no custom bags are required.

Odor Control

This touchless trashcan also controls common food odors, with an included activated carbon filter. The lid is great for keeping pets and common household pests away from disposed food.

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