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The holiday season can bring extra stress with interrupted routines, uncomfortable plane and car travel, and the added costs of gifts and food. If you’re feeling tense this time of year, treat yourself to a massage without breaking the bank. This Body Back Buddy self-massage tool can help you unwind for $30—a third of the price of a professional massage. Here are 3 tips for the most relaxing self-massage:

1) Address common trigger points.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the origin of that pain in your neck, especially if it’s being referred from a different area. Applying pressure to common trigger points can help you squash referred pain and release chronically tight muscles. The Body Back Buddy tool comes with a guide to these common trigger points, and the S-shaped tool allows you to apply pressure to areas you normally can’t reach.

2) Work slowly and gently.

While it’s tempting to find the tight spot and press as hard as you can with the massage tool, muscle spasm won’t provide much relief. Take time to warm up your muscles by gently dragging the Body Back Buddy massage tool along the muscle fibers before applying deeper pressure. When it comes to self-massage, “no pain, no gain” is a myth; never work past the point of discomfort and take your time over multiple self-massage sessions when you’re trying to release chronic tension.

3) Incorporate self-massage into your daily routine.

Unlike a professional massage which usually runs 60 to 90 minutes, a self-massage can be incorporated throughout your day. Use the Body Back Buddy at work when your rhomboids tense up from too much computer time or give yourself a reflexology foot massage in the evening while you’re watching your favorite show. Self-massage can also be beneficial before you hop in the bath or after a workout.

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