Earlier this month, fans blew up social media in anticipation for the release of the third season of the Netflix original series “Queer Eye,” and their excitement was met.

“Queer Eye” is a reality show focused on the “Fab Five,” five gay men: Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown and Bobby Berk. Each season they visit a certain state and give makeovers to people who have been nominated by friends and family.

The series was created by David Collins, who won an Emmy for “Queer Eye” in 2018. The third season takes place in Kansas City, Missouri. In each episode, the Fab Five uses each one of their areas of expertise to help make over a new person. Porowoski is known for cooking, France is known for fashion, Brown for culture and motivation, Van Ness for grooming and Berk for design.

“Sometimes you just need someone to connect with who says, ‘I see you and I see what you’re going through,’” Brown said in the beginning of the first episode. This statement sums up the entire season three.

The Fab Five seem to really connect with the people they help this season, much more than before in the other two seasons.

Berk was able to connect with a young woman named Jess. She came out to her adopted family at 16, and then moved out because they did not agree with her sexuality. Berk related to Jess’s story, because he also was adopted and was living on his own since he was 16 after he was also not accepted by his family.

He goes to extra lengths to help her realize that she can have a family, and arranges for Jess and her biological sister to see where their family is from. She struggles with letting people into her life, and Berk shows her that you can have family and friends who will not leave you.

The Fab Five does seem to go to extra lengths this season, especially for two women who run a barbeque restaurant. Van Ness, while transforming the women with new and stylish haircuts, notices that one of the women struggles with her smile.

He makes an appointment for her to get her front teeth fixed, and her reaction is enough to make anyone cry when she sees her new teeth. She was self-conscious about them since she was a child, and to finally have the confidence to smile made her seem like a new woman.

Brown also seemed to help people emotionally this season, especially a recovering alcoholic, a man who was trying to get his relationship back with his son. He missed a good amount of his son’s life, and Brown comforts him while sharing that he did not even know he had a son but was still able to build a relationship with him.

A big message of this season is how everyone needs to focus on self-care, to take care of ourselves to make us feel good, and not just for others. It can be as simple as a haircut or rearranging your room, but self-care is important for growth.

Another message would be learning to accept yourself as you are, not how others label you or think of you. This is a message I think could be relevant to today, and how you identify yourself should only be important to you and make you feel confident. The Fab Five showed that to many of the people they worked with on the show this season, they can embrace who they are and should be confident about it.

This season clearly tugs at the heart strings as the Fab Five embark on another journey to help deserving people feel better about themselves and their lives.

From the stories of the people they help to the humor and kindness of the group, this season is heart-warming, and the transformations are surprising and impactful.

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Olivia Riccio is a student at Shippensburg University and is writing as part of the Reviewing the Arts for Publication class.