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“Call of Duty: WWII” has been dominating the video game market since its release on Nov. 3. With record breaking sales, the game managed to make over half of a million dollars within the first weekend alone.

Sledgehammer Games brings us the next installment to the “Call of Duty” franchise, but this time they decided to completely scrap the futuristic setting that has been trending in the series for the past few years. “Call of Duty: WWII” was a godsend for many players, since the community was getting very tired of the jetpack and wall running system that the franchise had adapted and evolved into.

The developer definitely made the right call by revisiting World War II, the very foundation of the video game series. The last title in the series that was set in this time period was “Call of Duty: World at War,” created by Treyarch in 2008. The company made a lot of notable tweaks and improvements to the game that overall increase the fluidity of how the gameplay feels, and it definitely succeeded in creating a unique experience.

Starting off with the campaign, the company did an incredible job with its character development. The game makes you feel attached to the characters as the story progresses. They are given realistic human emotions and characteristics that give them personality, which is something that many of the previous games had lacked. Every little interaction between the characters worked in unison to create a dynamic cast and a fluid storyline.

This leads up to the first mission of the campaign, which is storming the beach on D-Day. They did an amazing job recreating this scene, as well as capturing the horrors of warfare. It made you feel very vulnerable as you saw your comrades being killed from the artillery fire. Overall, it felt authentic to the time period.

The online multiplayer is where “Call of Duty” thrives and sets itself apart from the rest of the first-person shooter genre. The company scrapped the layout of the online multiplayer and reworked the create-a-class system. It took an approach similar to the class system in “Battlefield” by implementing divisions instead of custom classes.

There are five divisions in the game, and each one specializes with different weaponry. The five divisions in “Call of Duty: WWII” are Infantry, Airborne, Mountain, Armored and Expeditionary. For example, playing in the Airborne class allows you to equip a suppressor to any submachine gun, which allows you to remain undetected from enemies while firing rounds. Each division has its own set of perks; it’s just a matter of finding out which one caters best to your playstyle.

Sledgehammer Games also introduced another new game mode called war. There are two teams, Axis and Allies, and one team must complete a set of objectives while the opposing team tries to stop them. They also added a Headquarters area, which is similar to the social areas of “Destiny.” In the Headquarters, players can take on challenges and contracts, open loot boxes they earn for playing the game, and even battle it out against other players in the pit. The pit is where players can have one-on-one competitions, where the first person to get three kills on the opposing player wins.

The maps and visuals within the game are very nicely polished as well, they definitely capture the very essence of the time period within the game. From the bullet holes and damaged buildings to the trenches and bunkers, Sledgehammer Games perfects it all.

Back from the dead, literally, is the revival of the popular zombies mode. Sledgehammer Games did a great job recreating the game mode. They managed to create an absolutely terrifying experience by adding more horror elements to the game, courtesy of the minds behind “Dead Space.”

The zombie mode starts off in the prologue, where we are given a short briefing on the mission before being ambushed and attacked by the zombie horde. The story begins in a snowy town in Mittelburg, Germany, and the streets are filled with zombies. The zombies are incredibly detailed, with plenty of excessive gore and bones sticking out of their bodies. Players must complete a series of objectives in order to complete their mission and uncover the horrifying truth behind the legion of the undead army, all while fighting for survival against the endless waves of zombies. They really outdid themselves with creating a terrifying zombie experience.

Overall, Sledgehammer Games does an incredible job with its newest release. The company improved the overall quality of the game series. “Call of Duty: WWII” sets the bar extremely high for future releases within the franchise, as well as other games in the first-person shooter genre.

Tyler Boyce is a Shippensburg University student writing for the Reviewing the Arts for Publication class.