Jonah cover

Author: Charles Yana II

Where the author lives: Carlisle

Title of book: “Jonah: A Bible Based Story Book for Children”


The story of Jonah has been told so many times in so many ways but most neglect or veer away from the true Biblical account. As a disobedient prophet, Jonah was punished by being cast into the sea where an enormous sea creature swallowed him. After three days and nights in the belly of the animals, Jonah was humbled and then spewed out onto dry land.

At that point, he obeyed God and went into the city of Nineveh to warn the people of their impending doom if they didn’t repent their sins. He had such animosity for the people of Nineveh that he watched from a distance to see what would happen to them next. But since God is so forgiving, He saved them, even at the bemoaning of Jonah.

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This is a third in the Children’s Bible Based Story Book Series by author/illustrator C.F. Yana II.

Publisher: Self-published through Kindle Direct Publishing

Date of release: Jan. 9, 2019

How many books has the author written: One coloring books and three books—“The Patience of Job,” “Noah,” “Noah Coloring Book” and “Jonah”

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