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Sanchez: Addiction and guns, can't we tackle both?

President Donald Trump has one extremely laudable, consistently present quality that even his most ardent critics should acknowledge. Read more

Reagan: Making schools less safe

California politicians are up to their stupid legislative tricks again. Read more

Commentary: Netanyahu's West Bank ploy could tip the election

The campaign leading up to Israel's Sept. 17 election has been a low point in a long political career for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He entered it reluctantly after former defense minister Avigdor Lieberman defected, leaving Netanyahu's Likud-led coalition without the 61 Knesset votes needed to rule. Blue and White and other parties on the center left swore never to join a coalition ... Read more

Commentary: The Democratic debate was a dizzying three-hour barrage of empty claims and grandiose promises

I'm a policy wonk and a bit of a political junkie, but that's mostly because politicians do policy. And political choices are policy choices, at the end of the day. So I am clearly the target audience for a televised political debate like the one Thursday night among the 10 leading Democratic presidential contenders. But having watched the full 17 hours - OK, it was closer to 2{ - I have to ... Read more

Commentary: Debunked! Most Americans do support the U.S. engaging in world affairs, not retreating

A powerful belief about American views of the world has taken hold among foreign policy experts - that Americans are exhausted from global overreach and want to shed the burdens of global leadership. Arguing that American voters' "foreign policy views stink," New York Times columnist David Brooks opined that, after "Iraq and other debacles, many Americans are exhausted by the global leadership ... Read more

Commentary: How California can help save the rainforest

Fires burning in Brazil and the broader Amazon basin are shining a spotlight on the role of forests and land use in the climate change challenge. Next week, the California Air Resources Board will hold a hearing that could have a direct impact on such fires. On Sept. 19, the board will vote on whether to endorse its proposed Tropical Forest Standard. California has been working on this ... Read more

Commentary: Edgar Allen Poe's legacy: a particular perception of madness

As we creep up on the 170th anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe's death (Oct. 7), we can see just how long his shadow lies over our culture. His pioneering tales and poems have influenced the landscape of the American imagination. From H.P. Lovecraft to Stephen King, from horror and sci-fi to detective fiction and philosophy, Poe's influence is clear and present. One of his enduring legacies is the ... Read more

Commentary: Why the GOP victory in North Carolina spells disaster for Democrats in 2020

Republicans' special election victory Tuesday in North Carolina's 9th District is the latest evidence that 2020 will be a very different election from 2018. Rep.-elect Dan Bishop didn't just overcome his Democrat opponent's two-year head start and millions of dollars in out-of-state money. He also outperformed the GOP candidate's 2018 efforts by 2 points - quite a different narrative from what ... Read more