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Community Voices: Pokémon Go still going strong in Carlisle

Twenty years ago this September, a little animated show called Pokémon debuted on the Cartoon Network. At the time, our young family of thr… Read more

Letter: So much hypocrisy in America

So much hypocrisy in America Read more

Community Voices: Remembering a Carlisle veteran this Independence Day

I am honored to speak a few words about Col. Ernest Johnson, United States Army retired — for over 38 years he served our nation in its mil… Read more

Letter: The need for affordable housing

The need for affordable housing Read more

Guest Editorial: School safety remains focus

In April, I wrote an op-ed on the importance and pressing need to address school safety and security across the Commonwealth. I had just te… Read more

Letter: Harley-Davidson just the beginning

Dear Editor: Read more

Tyree: Have you made these blunders on a first date?

I have done the math. I'm neither bragging nor complaining - just stating the facts: including my initial meeting with my wife, I've gone o… Read more

Durst: Frequently asked questions about SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Q. What's the skinny on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice? Read more

Commentary: Lady Liberty's radical history

At a time when immigration and indeed the very nature of America's heritage is being reexamined, it is worth considering the history of one of America's greatest icons: the Statue of Liberty. Images of the statue are so ubiquitous that it is tempting to take her for granted. But Lady Liberty, as we now call her, is quite a radical creation, both visually and conceptually. She does not carry ... Read more

Commentary: Will we care about genes at all in 100 years?

Genes are our modern idiom for itemizing life's variety and explaining human nature. We say there are genes for intelligence and shyness, genes for aggressiveness and maternal love. Researchers get billions from government agencies to carry out "genome-wide association studies" that promise to wrestle down and eventually vanquish disease. Like the atom in physics, the gene is a building block ... Read more

Commentary: At 78, a need for speed

Now that youth has blown away with successive winds, it feels imperative to try to preserve some sense of vitality, of stamina - some recognition in the present of what had been the enthusiasm in the past for a vibrant life, especially as talk about illness and dying is endemic among the elderly. I'm not frail; I exercise at the gym three times a week. But after 30 years of smoking from my ... Read more

Commentary: Floating factory farms aren't the answer to world hunger

PETA has long said that killing animals for human consumption isn't sustainable, and a new report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) seems to bear that out. The FAO estimates that one in three fish caught around the world is either tossed overboard or allowed to rot instead of ending up on humans' dinner plates. And while more than half the world's fish now come from ... Read more

Commentary: My trade deficit with grocery stores and the local laundry

Inspired by President Donald Trump's insistence that all U.S. trading partners buy as much from us as we do from them, I have been trying to apply the concept to my personal affairs. I've got a problem with my local grocery chains, Aldi and Publix. I buy lots of groceries from them, but they don't buy any of the lectures or writing that I do for a living. The balance of trade is horrible. I am ... Read more

Tyree: You might be an irresponsible pet owner if ...

As a responsible pet owner, I’m usually exasperated by the human race at this point every summer. Read more


In-home care options for Cumberland County people

Look at local, professional care & support options for a parent, spouse or family member who needs some extra help.


Cumberland County people no longer have to clean their gutters

Skip gutter cleaning this summer.