SOUTH MIDDLETON TOWNSHIP – A local landmark is up for sale, giving local entrepreneurs an opportunity to own a restaurant with several decades of history.

Rillo’s Restaurant, 60 Pine St., has been listed with NAICIR – a Lemoyne based real estate business – for $1.475 million.

“The main thing I want people to know is that we are still open for business. We’re still winning awards,” Rillo’s owner Jeff Goss said. “Keep coming out and hopefully it will still be around for another 60, 65 years.”

“I just won’t be hobbling around there,” he joked.

Goss said the decision was made to sell Rillo’s after his business partner Michael Cassidy died last year.

He explained that Cassidy’s share of the business was passed on to Cassidy’s wife, who is not able to take part in the business because she owns Mount Holly Beverage.

The same goes for Goss’ wife who owns Market Cross Pub and Brewery.

“They can’t participate, because you can’t mix wholesale and retail licenses,” Goss said. “So, the wives can’t participate.”

That placed the business squarely on Goss’ shoulders. Now nearing his 61st birthday, he said it was time to start looking at a plan that will allow him to spend more time with his wife, children and grandchildren.

This means looking for a new owner for Rillo’s.

“I saw my partner die on me, he’s my age. I saw my old boss die on me about three months ago and he was my age,” Goss said. “You know what? There’s a time in life where you have to step back and let (younger) guys ... get in there and tackle it.”

He said there was no set time frame to sell Rillo’s. The business received interest from parties outside the area when feelers were put out, but now that the sale has been made public, Goss said he is optimistic that a local buyer will come in and keep the tradition going.

As for Market Cross, Goss said he plans to keep that in the family. He said a succession plan has been put in place to pass the business on to his daughter.

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