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Two Carlisle area tech companies have joined together in a move they say will provide better service to customers.

On Nov. 1, Kirbtech acquired Aardvark Computer in a merger bringing together more than three decades of experience in IT services.

“Recently, we had one of the partners leave, which meant we were a little shorthanded,” said Frank Masland, CEO of Aardvark Computers. “We wanted to make sure we could supply (our customers) with the best service possible.”

Masland said Aardvak Computers has worked with Kirbtech in the past, making a merger between the two companies a good fit.

He said the two companies, while similar in their business areas, have complimentary clientele.

Aardvark Computers, which is at 437 E. North St., caters to many retail customers within Carlisle and serves more small businesses and home owners.

Kirbtech, at 1675 Newville Road in West Pennsboro Township, caters to larger clients, Masland said.

Masland said the typical customer will likely see no difference as Aardvark Computers will continue to operate at the same location, under the same name and with the same staff.

However, he said the merger will likely mean less wait time, which will hopefully provide an even better customer experience.

“We are continuing to work the way were before and handling the same customers, but now we have the added support of a number of people from Kirbtech,” Masland said. “It just seemed like a natural fit at a good time for us and them. … I think it’s just a deeper pool of services for customers to be able to get service from.”

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