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SPECIAL ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE ■ JACKPOT: Imagine finding the 1970-D Silver JFK shown below worth the highest collector value on record in one of these unsearched Bank Rolls. At left, workers scramble to keep up with orders. There are never any guarantees, but Pennsylvania residents who get their hands on these State Restricted Bank Rolls will be the really lucky ones because many Silver JFK’s have nearly doubled in collector value in the last several years. Coin values always fluctuate but there can never be any more of these Silver JFKs minted between 1965 and 1970 and there’s no telling what they will someday be worth. LastStateRestrictedJFKSilverBank Rolls go to Pennsylvania residents Pennsylvania residents get first dibs on last remaining Bank Rolls loaded with U.S. Gov’t issued Silver JFK’s dating back to the mid 1900’s some worth up to 60 times their face value for just the $19 minimum set for state residents - all other state residents must pay $57 per coin if any remain after 2-day deadline STATE DISTRIBUTION: A strict limit of 6 State Restricted Bank Rolls per PA resident has been imposed PENNSYLVANIA - “It’s a miracle these State Restricted Bank Rolls even exist. That’s why Hotline Operators are bracing for the flood of calls,” said Laura Lynne, U.S. Coin and Currency Treasurer for the National Mint and Treasury. For the next 2 days the last remaining State of Pennsylvania Restricted Bank Rolls loaded with rarely seen U.S. Gov’t issued Silver JFK’s are actually being handed over to Pennsylvania residents who call the National Toll-Free Hotlines listed in today’s newspaper publication. “I recently spoke with a retired Treasurer of the United States of America who said, ‘In all my years as Treasurer I’ve only ever seen a handful of these rarely seen Silver JFK’s issued by the U.S. Gov’t over 50 years ago. But to actually find them sealed away in State Restricted Bank Rolls still in pristine condition is like finding buried treasure. So anyone lucky enough to get their hands on these Bank Rolls had better hold on to them,’” Lynne said. “Now that the State of Pennsylvania Restricted Bank Rolls are being offered up we won’t be surprised if thousands of Pennsylvania residents claim the maximum limit allowed of 6 Bank Rolls per resident before they’re all gone,” said Lynne. “That’s because the dates and mint marks of the U.S. Gov’t issued Silver clad JFK Half Dollars sealed away inside the State of Pennsylvania Restricted Bank Rolls have never been searched. But, we do know that these coins date back to the mid 1900’s and some are worth up to 60 times their face value, so there is no telling what Pennsylvania residents will find until they sort through all the coins,” Lynne went on to say. And here’s the best part. If you are a resident of the state of Pennsylvania you cover er only the $19 per coin state sta minimum set by the National tional Mint and Treasury, that’s twenty rar arely seen U.S. Gov’t issued Silver clad d JFK half dollars worth orth up to 60 times their face value for or just $380 w which hich is a real steal because non state residents esidents must pa pay $57 per coin which hich totals $1,140 if any coins remain emain after the 2-day deadline dline. The only thing Pennsylvania residents esidents need to do is call the N National Toll-Free Hotlines otlines printed in today’ss ne newspaper publication tion bef before the 2-day order der dea deadline ends. “Rarely ely seen U U.S. Gov’t issued silver coins like these are highly hly soug sought after, but we’vee ne never seen anything likee this bef before. According ding to The Official Red Book, a Guide Book of United States tes Coins man many Silver er JFK Half Dollar Dollars have nearly ly doubled in ccollector value alue in just the last several year ears,” Lynne said. “Soo just ima imagine how w much these last rremain emaining,, unsearched Sta State te of Pennsylvania ania Restricted Bank Rolls could be worth orth someda someday.. Re Remember, these are not ordinary coins – these rarely seen coins are at least 50 years old. In fact, these coins oins have ha been forever retired by the U.S.. Gov’t, G and you can’t get them rolled olled this way w anywhere because these aree the only State Sta Restricted Bank Rolls known wn to exist,” e said Lynne. “We’ree guessing thousands of Pennsylvania residents esidents will be taking the maximum limit of 6 Bank Rolls because they makee such amazing gifts for any occasion for or children, childr parents, grandparents, ents, friends and loved ones,” Lynne contin ontinued. “We know w the phones will be ringing off the hook. That’s why hundreds of Hotline Operators are standing by to answer the phones beginning at 8:30 am this morning. We’re going to do our best, but with just 2 days to answer all the calls it won’t be easy. So make sure to tell everyone to keep calling if all lines are busy. We’ll do our best to answer them all,” Lynne said. “That’s why the Nation-al Mint and Treasury set up the National Toll-Free ee Hotlines in order to makee sure sur Pennsylvania residents get et the State Restricted Bank Rolls olls bebe fore they’re all gone,”” she said. The only thing readerss of today’s toda newspaper publication tion need to do is make sure they are a resident esident of the state of Pennsylvania and call the National Toll-Free Hotlines otlines before bef the 2-day deadline dline ends midnight midnig tomorrow. ■ What you need to know about the last State Restricted JFK Silver Bank Rolls If you are a Pennsylva Pennsylvania State Resident call the State Toll-Free Hotline at 8:30 am : 1-800-958-0006 EXT: RJN1142 Are these silver JFKs better than other JFKs: Yes. These Silver JFKs were minted over 50 years ago and they are among the first JFKs to be produced by the U.S. Gov’t. The vast majority of current JFKs have no silver content at all and these Silver clad JFKs have 5 of the top 8 collector values of any JFKs ever minted, so there is no telling how much their collector value could be someday. How much are State Restricted JFK Silver Bank Rolls worth: It’s impossi sible to say, but the collector value of many of these Silver clad JFKs has nearly doubled in the past few years and there are 20 in each Bank Roll. It’s important to remember that collector values always fluctuate and there are never any guarantees. But we do know they are the only Pennsylvania State Silver Bank Rolls known to exist and JFK was a President beloved by people of all walks of life so anyone lucky enough to get their hands on these Silver Bank Rolls should hold onto them because there’s no telling what the actual collector value could one day be worth. Why are so many Pennsylvania residents claiming them: Because they are the only State Restricted JFK Silver Bank Rolls known to exist and everyone wants their share. Each Bank Roll contains a whopping 20 Silver JFKs dating back to the mid 1900’s. Best of all Peennnsylvania residents are guaranteed to get them for the State Minimum set by the National Mint and Treasury of just $19 per Silver JFK for the next two days. How do I get the State Restricted JFK Silver Bank Rolls: Pennsylvania residents are claiming the limit of 6 State Restricted JFK Silver Bank Rolls by calling the State Toll Free Hotline at 11-800-958-0006 Ext. RJN1142 starting at precisely 8:30 this morning. When they do they are getting the only State Restricted JFK Silver Bank Rolls known to exist. That’s a full Bank Roll containing 20 Silver JFKs from over 50 years ago with some of the highest collector values on record, but it’s essential that they call immediately. Non state residents are not permitted to call before 5 pm tomorrow and must pay $1,140 for each Pennsylvania State Restricted JFK Silver Bank Roll if any remain. NATIONAL MINT AND TREASURY, LLC IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE U.S. MINT, THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, O A BANK OR ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY. IF FOR ANY REASON WITHIN 30 DAYS FROM SHIPMENT YOU ARE DISSATISFIED, RETURN THE PRODUCT FOR A REFUND LESS SHIPPING AND RETURN POSTAGE. THIS SAME OFFER MAY BE MADE AVAILABLE AT A LATER DATE OR IN A DIFFERENT GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION. OH RESIDENTS ADD 6.5% SALES TAX. NATIONAL MINT AND TREASURY, PO BOX 35609, CANTON, OH 44735 ©2021 NATIONAL MINT AND TREASURY. R1031R-1