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Paid Advertisement Children’s Dental Health: Pediatric Dentist or Family Dentist? Most family dentist practices will provide children’s dental services, so why should you choose to take your child to a pediatric dentist over a family practice? A positive environment and high level of care are essential to your child’s oral health and development. We know you want the best dental care for your child, and several factors go into choosing the right clinic. The Benefits of a Family Dentist Dr. Jacqueline Caster, DMD, PharmD There are several benefits of having a family Pediatric Dentist dentist. They are specialized in a range of different services rather than one specific service similar to a general dentist. They can provide care to people of all ages, so you and your child can go to the same place, which many find convenient. However, family dentists are focused on general issues such as filling cavities, gum health, and overall tooth decay. The Advantages of a Pediatric Dentist Pediatric dentists specialize in working specifically with kids. Pediatric dentists are required to have additional training where they learn to deal with children’s individual needs and gain the skills that set them apart from family dentists. On top of normal general dentistry procedures, pediatric dentists learn how to deal with kids behaviorally, oral pathology, advanced surgical procedures, and working with patients with special healthcare needs. Pediatric dental offices are almost always specifically catered to be a kid-friendly environment with some kind of fun theme for the office. For example, our pediatric dental office, Cumberland Valley Pediatric Dentistry, has a tooth fairy theme. So, Which Should You Choose? A family dentist can certainly be a good choice for your child and it helps if you are already familiar with the dentist. However, to truly have specialized care for your child, we recommend taking your child to a pediatric dentist. The experience and training pediatric dentists have working with kids is a safer bet for your child to receive the most optimal dental care. Having a specialist diagnose and treat children’s teeth can make a tremendous difference in their future. With a pediatric dentist, parents can be assured that their child’s dental care is in the right hands. Not only do pediatric dentists have the skills and tools to treat a child, they genuinely love working with children. A caring, compassionate pediatric dentist will work extra hard to build a positive relationship with each child, so they have a positive association with the dentist for years to come. Without this foundation of trust, children could potentially grow up with dental anxiety that prevents them from seeking medical help as adults. Establishing a consistent and reliable dental provider is essential to maintaining healthy teeth from infancy to early adulthood. For both family and pediatric dentists, scheduling a consultation to discuss your child’s individual needs and have them meet the doctor beforehand should be available. Finding the best dental care provider for your child can be an intricate process. We want that to be as easy as possible for you. Cumberland Valley Pediatric Dentistry is specially trained to work with children and is committed to providing quality pediatric dental care. Call us today at 717-253-9839 or visit to schedule an appointment.