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aDVERTORIaL Is Your Life Being Affected By Back Pain? Or Do You Know Someone Else Who is Suffering From Back Pain? Exclusive Report: By Leading Back Pain Experts, Steve Miller, PT. C.Ped. and Associates in Carlisle, Mechanicsburg And Harrisburg, PA. Are Ar you experiencing any of the following: • Increased back pain when you cough, sneeze or laugh? • Back pain that is worse with standing and walking (unless you are pushing a cart in the grocery store, which somehow seems to decrease the pain) that is better when you are sitting? • Increased back pain when sitting but goes away when you stand up and walk/move around? • Back pain that also radiates down one or both of your legs? • Back pain that eventually led to weakness in the legs and/or feet? • Back pain that “flies in” with certain movements that is sharp enough to “stop you in your tracks” or even bring you to your knees? Is your back pain keeping you from: • Keeping up with your children, grandchildren or friends? • Your exercise routine, exercise walking, or running? • Sitting more than 5 minutes? • Standing and walking without a limp? • Being able to get a good night’s sleep? • Doing what you need, want to do? If you are aged 40 – 85 and this sounds like your life right now or the life of someone you know, and you have been suffering with back pain for more than 6 days. If you are looking to resolve your back pain and get your life back without the need for surgery, shots, or a pile of Pills, then Please Read On! Unfortunately, many people with back pain believe that their only options to deal with the pain are to rest, take pills (that could be addictive), or just live with it. The key to resolving back pain is to address the root cause of the back pain as soon as possible. Pills, Shots and Rest do not fix the reason why the low back pain is there, they only treat the symptoms (which means the pain will stay around or return). Research shows that when you receive proper treatment for back pain within the first 1-2 weeks of its occurrence that you recover more quickly and much more completely. That’s not to say that you cannot resolve back pain if you’ve had back pain much longer than this, it just takes a little longer. GET THIS… I just published a new report titled “7 Quick Ways to END Your Back Pain”! I published this report to: • Help people in this area make better, more educated, and more informed decisions about their health. • Help people in this area to know that there ARE quick and easy ways to decrease your back pain that do not involve rest, shots, pills, or surgery. • Teach people in this community that addressing the root cause of the back pain is the KEY TO DECREASING/ENDING THEIR BACK PAIN AND GETTING THEIR LIFE BACK! This report is packed with 7 helpful tips and information on how you can end your back pain, some of which you can implement immediately after reading the report in the comfort of your own home! TO RECEIVE YOUR FREE COPY OF THIS REPORT “7 QUICK WAYS TO END YOUR BACK PAIN” (Value $39.99) CHOOSE ONE: • Option 1: Receive My Free Special Report (Only 9 copies available) • Option 2: Receive My Free Special Report PLUS a FREE [one on one] screen with one of our back pain specialists at my Physical Therapy clinic (limited to 5 people). Choose which option works best for you by calling 717-245-0400 OR email your request to Visit us at: We have clinics in three locations; Carlisle, Mechanicsburg & Harrisburg!

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