Details for CARDIN & MILLER PHYSICAL THERAPY - Ad from 2022-01-15

Has Foot, Knee, Hip or Back pain been keeping you from walking normally with family, running around with your kids, or doing the things you need, want or love to do? Then you need to know about our Newest Service here at Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy! CARDIN & MILLER VIDEO GAIT ANALYSIS If pain has been holding you back from living your life to the fullest then you need our NEW Video Gait Analysis Package! Here are several reasons why this package would be beneficial to you: 1) If you’re having foot, knee, hip or back pain it is highly likely that it’s because you have faulty walking or running mechanics, you are wearing the wrong shoe for your foot type, or you have tightness and or weakness in your core, leg or foot muscles. You could have one or any combination of these issues. 2) Wearing a shoe that does not match your specific foot type can contribute to faulty walking or running mechanics as can muscles that are too tight, too weak or just unbalanced. 3) Finally, having your feet scanned on our technologically advanced, 3D scanning system while standing and walking helps us to identify where the faulty weight bearing mechanics are occurring and how to remedy them. This system also allows us to physically show you where the problems lie as well. Simply Call To GeT more informaTion abouT Cardin & miller’S VIDEO GAIT ANALYSIS PACKAGE CARLISLE 717-245-0400 MECHANICSBURG 717-697-6600 HARRISBURG 717-695-6436