Details for Beltone Hearing - Ad from 2023-01-23

Did You Know That Many Insurance Benefits Cover All or Some of Prescription and OTC Hearing Aid Cost to You? Beltone has partnered with Most Major Insurances to provide hearing solutions at a Reduced Price or Even No Out of Pocket. 3 EASY STEPS TO QUALIFY At Beltone, we know people have difficulty hearing and communicating effectively with others because of hearing loss. We believe that everyone deserves the best quality of hearing care so that they don't miss those precious moments with family & friends and they can live their life to the fullest. We offer breakthrough technology virtually invisible (about the size of a raspberry) and is pleasant to wear! WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY S 5 DAY ONLY! 25 3 Make An Appointment for Your Benefits Check & Hearing Screen 3 Order Your New Hearing System ✓ Hear Clearly JANUARY UARY 2023 THURSDAY FRIDAY 26 27 MONDAY 30 TUESDAY 31 “48 MIllION PEOPlE experience hearing loss and my daughter Taryn, is one of them.” Beltone Awarded “Best in Hearing Care” on Newsweek’s America’s Best Retailers 2022 list SPACE IS lIMITED! Call for your appointment today! CAMP HIll 1501 Market St. 717-255-4496 CARlISlE 850 Walnut Bottom Rd. 717-200-7300 SHIPPENSBuRg 34 W King St. Ste 4 717-276-4557