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HEALTH NOTIFICATION ALERT Do you have ringing in your ears? Hearing ringing, buzzing or hissing sounds that are not present in the environment is called tinnitus. Tinnitus is often caused by exposure to loud sounds, which can damage the sensory cells of the inner ear. It has also been associated with excessive ear wax, ear infections, high blood pressure, the aging process, and sensory nerve disorders. In the majority of cases, an individual experiencing tinnitus may also have a hearing loss. And, like tinnitus, a hearing loss can be caused by excess ear wax, ear infections, normal aging and so on. It will tell you if your hearing is compromised, and if so, it may help identify the cause. FREE Hearing Evaluations: One Week Only: Sept. 8th - Sept. 14th, 2021 Beltone is asking anyone with these symptoms: • constant ringing sounds • buzzing noises • muffled words of others • hissing tones to make a FREE appointment during Sept. 8th - Sept. 14th, 2021. Your ear canal and ear drum will be examined using the latest in video otoscope technology. You will receive a complete hearing test and computer analysis of your hearing health. If you have ringing in your ears or trouble hearing others, our trained professionals will provide you with suggestions on getting help. All of this is FREE with NO OBLIGATION. Beltone continues to follow the guidelines established by the Center for Disease Control and is using every precaution recommended in cleaning our facilities and equipment. Your health is as important to us as our commitment to your hearing. Space is limited, so call to make your reservation today. Carlisle Office 850 Walnut Bottom Rd. (717) 610-6906 Shippensburg Office 34 W King St, Ste 4 (717) 722-0135