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Santa Comes to Town shop & Dine Downtown carlisle Learn more at 4th Annual F&M Trust Downtown Carlisle Christmas Parade Merchants & retail Friday, December 6, 7:00 p.m. The Smith Steiner D Penn State Dickinson School of Law I C K I N S O 360 Dance Fitters 22 N. Pitt St, 249-7313 N american artisan Gallery 35 N. Hanover St, 254-6136 N WEST ST S WEST ST H 2.5 mi antiques on hanover 17 N. Hanover St, 249-6285 Bosler Library & Bookery Carlisle Thai Cuisine The Grazery Taqueria Laurita Bedford street antiques 44 N. Bedford St, 241-5309 Molly Pitcher Brewing Co. Ejecta Projects Art Gallery The clothesVine Bella Bridesmaids 152 S. Hanover St, 240-2688 Whistlestop Bookshop Bosler library & Bookery 158 W. High St, 243-4642 George’s Subs & Pizza Mary Williams Photography Brick Kitchen & Bar the carlisle antique Mall 164 N. Hanover St 360 Dance Fitters Cafe Bruges Alibi’s Eatery & Spirits Sanctuary Boutique W HIGH ST Yoga at Simply Well Boutique On Pomfret 16 W. Pomfret St, 357-7594 S PITT ST W NORTH ST W LOCUST AVE the clothesVine 134 W. High St, 249-7909 c-lUV thrift 20 N. Hanover St, 448-4295 Chen’s Asian Restaurant Johns Pizza Doña Eli’s Mexican Cuisine Carlisle Antique Mall Vintage Vault Gallery Civil Eyes’d Optical Tutto Bambino civil eyes’d Optical 118 N. Hanover St, 706-3783 N H A N OV E R S T Cole’s Bicycles The Sunrise Cafe Woodshed Guitar Works Mt Fuji Hook & Flask Still Works cole’s Bicycles 327 N. Hanover St, 249-3833 create-a-Palooza 11 E. High St, 409-5036 cumberland Valley Bible Book service 133 N. Hanover St, 249-0231 earth artisan & Outfitter 37 W. Chapel Ave, 713-6170 ejecta Projects art Gallery 136 W. High St, 443-904-3649 exquisite chocolates of carlisle 35 S. Hanover St, 220-7081 the Fabric center 41 W. Pomfret St, 243-5076 Feathers in the nest 61 W. Chapel Ave, 385-3280 E NORTH ST E LOCUST AVE N BEDFORD ST Cumberland Valley Bible Book Service P The Gallery JN Studios E LOUTHER ST Bedford Street Antiques MUL BERRY AVE E HIGH ST LIBERTY AVE E POMFRET ST E CHAPEL AVE E SOUTH ST Mrs Stamm’s Deli Seve-N-Dots Publik Pizza Place JW Music POPLAR AVE P Gilded Door Oil & VInegar Tap Room Create-a-Palooza The Greatest Gift Market Cross Pub & Brewery Redd’s Smokehouse BBQ IRVINE ROW Woodmouse, LLC MARKET HOUSE AVE N. Hanover Grille American Artisan Gallery Burd’s Nest Brewing Co. Antiques on Hanover No Common Scents Kindred Kaboodle, LLC Denim Coffee Tamzen’s Bridal at Butler Manor Exquisite Chocolates of Carlisle Fay’s Country Kitchen Pomfret Street Books S BEDFORD ST Nancy Stamm’s Galleria N COURTHOUSE AVE Union Fire Company No. 1 and Museum Wardecker’s Men’s Wear Jewels of India Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb C-LUV Thrift The Garden Gallery Square Bean Carlisle S COURTHOUSE AVE Old Courthouse S HANOVER ST Gingerbread Man Comfort Suites 1794 the $ Whiskey Rebellion Marjorie’s GemsVintage Jewelry Boutique Of Pomfret $ Mummerts Chocolates Grand Illusion Hard Cider W LOUTHER ST Helena’s Chocolate Cafe & Creperie P Issei Noodle TimeWalker Tours The Pie Haus Carlisle Theatre DICKINSON AVE The Fabric Center Hamilton Restaurant Yak N Yeti Warm Springs Salon & Day Spa History On H High –The Shop and S C Cu Cumberland Valley Visitors Center Cumberland County Historical Society CHURCH AVE Spoons Cafe N PITT ST Georgie Lou’s Retro Candy P Castlerigg Wine Shop Carlisle House B&B Bella Bridesmaid Camellia’s Sin Tea Room & Gift Shop K. Olsen Ceramics Earth Artisan & The Pond Outfitter Pat Craig Studios P Carlisle Arts Learning Center W POMFRET ST W CHAPEL AVE W SOUTH ST FALLER AVE Feathers in the Nest carlisle arts learning center 38 W. Pomfret St, 249-6973 the Gallery at Jn studios 175 E. Louther St, 412-721-9955 the Garden Gallery 10 N. Hanover St, 249-1721 Warm springs salon & Day spa 37 W. High St, 422-5228 chen’s asian restaurant 310 N. Hanover St, 258-1238 the Pie haus 46 W. High St, 223-212-5905 Georgie lou’s retro candy 56 W. High St, 243-1002 Whistlestop Bookshop 129 W. High St, 243-4744 Denim coffee 1 S. Hanover St, 382-6104 redd’s smokehouse BBQ 109 N. Hanover St, 254-6419 Gilded Door Oil & Vinegar tap room 9 E. High St, 620-9560 Woodmouse, llc 101 N. Hanover St, 448-8549 Desperate times Brewery 1201 Carlisle Springs Rd, 557-1587 seve-n-Dots Publik Pizza Place 40 E. Louther St, 249-0333 the greatest gift 117 N. Hanover St, 243-5562 Woodshed Guitar Works 147 N. Hanover St, 422-5794 Doña eli’s Mexican cuisine 204 N. Hanover St, 218-7500 spoons cafe 57 W. Pomfret St, 793-1048 Yoga at simply Well 28 S. Pitt St, 968-0167 Fay’s country Kitchen 203 S. Hanover St, 243-5510 square Bean carlisle 25 W. High St, 701-8921 lODGinG George’s subs & Pizza 121 W. High St, 243-5809 the sunrise café 231 N. Hanover St, 223-212-5192 history On high – the shop and cumberland Valley Visitors center (inside) 33 W. High St, 249-7610 JW Music 127 N. Hanover St, 258-6765 K Olson ceramics 34 W. Pomfret St Kindred Kaboodle 5 N. Hanover St, 223-212-5988 Marjorie’s Gems 44 S. Hanover St, 701-8148 Miss ruth’s time Bomb 24 N. Hanover St, 241-BOMB carlisle house B&B 148 S. Hanover St, 249-0350 comfort suites Downtown 10 S. Hanover St, 960-1000 Mooreland Garden inn 202 Mooreland Ave, 249-7053 the smith steiner 155 S. College St, 701-8737 Mummert chocolates 21 W. Pomfret St, 258-9341 restaUrants, Bars & entertainMent nancy stamm’s Galleria 2 N. Hanover St, 240-0551 1794 the Whiskey rebellion 10 S. Hanover St, 960-1000 no common scents 15 N. Hanover St, 579-0759 Pat craig studios 30 W. Pomfret St, 245-0382 the Penny Gallery at the Pond 32-34 W. Pomfret St, 805-3519 Pomfret street Books 21 E. Pomfret St, 258-8104 sanctuary Boutique 100 W. High St, 422-7017 tamzen’s Bridal at Butler Manor 11 S. Hanover St, 713-4628 tutto 14 W. Louther St, 385-6886 Vintage Vault Gallery 152 N. Hanover St, 766-1905 Wardecker’s Men’s Wear 32 N. Hanover St, 249-2114 alibi’s eatery & spirits 10 N. Pitt St, 462-4629 Brick Kitchen & Bar 113 W. High St, 462-4567 Gingerbread Man 5 S. Courthouse Ave, 249-6970 Grand illusion hard cider 26 W. High St, 462-4716 the Green Door Dance studio 14 E. North St, 218-9846 the Grazery 156 W. High St, 249-4310 hamilton restaurant 55 W. High St, 249-4410 helena’s chocolate cáfe & creperie 36 W. High St, 254-6453 hook & Flask still Works 137 N. Hanover St, 601-2770 issei noodle 54 W. High St, 243-7826 Jewels of india 26 N. Hanover St, 254-6585 Burd’s nest Brewing co. 19 N. Hanover St, 713-8231 Johns Pizza 328 North Hanover St, 701-8532 café Bruges 16 N. Pitt St, 960-0223 Market cross Pub & Brewery 113 N. Hanover St, 258-1234 camellia’s sin tea Parlor & Gift shop 36 W. Pomfret St, 243-6292 Molly Pitcher Brewing co. 139 W. High St, 422-5591 carlisle thai cuisine 141 W. High St, 249-2007 carlisle theatre 40 W. High St, 240-0970 castlerigg Wine shop 110 S. Hanover St, 462-4663 Mount Fuji 149 N. Hanover St, 243-2788 Mrs. stamm’s Deli 44 E. High St, 243-4008 north hanover Grille 37 N. Hanover St, 241-5517 taqueria laurita 150 W. High St, 386-5099 Yak n Yeti 49 W. High St, 462-6984 histOrical attractiOns cumberland county historical society 21 N. Pitt St, 249-7610 Old courthouse S. Hanover & W. High Sts, 240-6200 timeWalker tours 48 W. High St, Union Fire co. no. 1 & Museum 35 W. Louther St, 243-2123 carlisle area chamber of commerce 801 S. Hanover St, 243-4515 *Area Code 717 unless noted For more information on shops, restaurants, bars, entertainment and lodging in Downtown Carlisle go to

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