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“Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves,
and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of
people in their deceitful scheming.” —Ephesians 4:14 NIV

Telling the Truth

We live in an age where some justify lies by calling them “alternative facts” and where people accept
a sophomoric relativism which says that one is entitled to believe whatever one wishes, even when
one is believing blatant falsehoods. The fact that people can believe things which are easily shown
to be false only illustrates how naïve and gullible we can be. This inability to distinguish truth from
falsehood is something which we see most clearly in children. Young children will believe almost
anything (e.g., the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, and Santa Claus, to name just a few). As children
get older, we expect them to discern truth from falsehood, and to tell the truth. Some parents question
the wisdom of lying to children about such things as Santa Claus, as it sends several questionable
messages. As children grow out of the naivete of early childhood, we teach them to be critical and
discerning, for example, telling them not to trust strangers, and requiring them to tell the truth at all
times. Like the little boy who cried wolf, we have trouble trusting those who have repeatedly deceived
us. We are not relativists in our everyday life, knowing that there is an objective truth about factual
matters. And while it may be wise to suspend judgement on some issues until the facts are better
known, we should not deceive ourselves into believing that there are alternative versions of reality.
Truth is one. – Christopher Simon

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