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Be still, and know that I am God. - New K.J.V. Psalm 46:10

A Still Mind

In the hustle and bustle of our hectic lives we often need to slow down and quiet our minds. The following meditation
is intended to still the mind and calm the soul: “My still mind reflects only peace and holiness. Even if I am unaware
of it, peace and holiness are still there. Let my mind reflect only peace and holiness.” Often times we appear calm
on the surface but underneath our minds are racing. We are like ducks that appear calm on the surface of the pond
but underneath their feet are paddling frantically. If at times, this describes what your life feels like, then repeat this
meditation, or some version of it, whenever you have the chance. “My mind is still and calm, reflecting only peace
and holiness. Even when I am not aware of it, peace and holiness surround me. May I reflect only peace and holiness.””
Don’t worry if you don’t have it memorized exactly. The important point is simply to affirm that your mind is calm
and still, reflecting only peace and holiness, and that you are surrounded by peace and holiness.

Lebo’s Garage, LLC
Auto Repairs, Auto Sales, Towing
State Inspection

301 N. College Street, Carlisle • 717-249-2977

J. Rodney Fickel

Insurance Agency, Inc.
151 W. High Street • P.O. Box #1, Carlisle, PA



Hundreds of $1 paperbacks & $5 hardbacks!
(COrNer Of rOuteS 233 & 997)

325 Arch Street Carlisle (opposite YMCA) 717-249-2904

9:30-5:00 MON, tueS, tHurS, fri
9:30-2:30 Wed, SAt

6029 Carlisle Pike Mechanicsburg 717-766-0288
Colonial Park Harrisburg, PA 717-545-5531

1004 Doubling Gap Road, Newville


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