Details for GARDEN GATE FARM MARKET - Ad from 2019-06-19

ORDER TART CHERRIES AND RASPBERRIES NOW! New Potatoes, GreeN BeaNs, sPrING oNIoNs, lettuce, ZuccHINI, caNtalouPe, waterMeloN, toMatoes, cucuMBers, oods eGGs, Baked Goods Blueberries ie&s Sweet Cheearrson Now in S garden gate fa r m m a r k e t OUR O W SPECIA N CUT F LT Y L OW E RS 1560 W. Trindle Road, Carlisle • 717-240-0855 HOURS: M, Tu, Th, F 9am-6pm; Sat 9am-5pm

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