Details for CENTRIC BANK - Ad from 2019-08-24

Your N E D L GO y t i n u t r o p p O GOLDEN REWARDS CHECKING ACCOUNT .75 % apy1 Balances over $10,000 No minimum balance2 | Tiered interest depending on your balance Up to $20 in non-Centric Bank ATM transaction fees refunded each month3 Visit or call Centric Bank to open your Golden Rewards checking account. 1) .75% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is effective as of 08.01.2019. Listed interest rate requires a balance greater than $10,000.00. This is a tiered rate account: $0-$9,999.99=0.35% APY; $10,000.00 and above=.75% APY. Primary account holder must be age 50 or older to qualify. An active monthly direct deposit, such as payroll or retirement, is required. Offer and interest rate subject to change at any time. Interest rate may change after account opening. Fees may reduce earnings. 2) First deposit due at opening; no minimum applies. 3) Up to $20.00 non-Centric Bank ATM uses refunded per card per statement cycle. | 717.657.7727

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